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Economic integration, social development, people’s living standards are increasing. USA is one of the countries with the largest number of people participating in traffic by motorcycle in the region and the world. Previously, we used motorcycles as the main means of transportation, but today, the demand for replacing motorcycles with cars is increasing. The density of cars circulating in USA roads is increasing. Because the demand for high-end cars stimulates the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčopening car showrooms more and more. But the automobile trading business is not simple. Since it is a product that has to pay a large amount of money, related to the safety of the moving process, it is difficult to build trust and sell goods. Many showrooms opened and could not operate successfully, leading to heavy losses and bankruptcy.Automotive Business Experience – Open Conditions Automotive Showroom . Invite you to welcome reading.


Opening an automobile showroom, we need a clear business location, so according to the law, we will have to register business according to Decree No. 75/2015 / ND-CP on business registration. Often, automobile business owners will choose to open a company.

Regarding regulations on import of cars to USA for business as stipulated in Decree No. 116/2017 / ND-CP on the conditions of production, assembly, import and business of warranty and maintenance services car.

In addition, if agents want to become dealers of cars from genuine companies, they must meet the specific conditions of those companies and must apply for agency for genuine automakers. .


The market for automobile import and domestic automobile business is growing strongly. Notably, in 2018, VinFast company of Vingroup has launched a brand of USA cars with the price of over USD 300 million, suitable for USA consumers.

In order to decide whether or not to open a business automobile showroom, we need to research the market to list necessary information such as:

+ Which models of cars do customers prefer and which brands?

+ What is the import policy of state cars, import prices and taxes on imported cars?

+ What is the competitiveness in the market? There are many opponents or not? Situation of business activities of automobile trading companies in the region?

+ Should cars be imported into business or become agents of domestic automobile manufacturing companies?

Based on the collected information and data, we must analyze and assess whether the potential of opening a business showroom in that location is reasonable or not, having access to regular customers, … Kinh automobile sales must invest a huge amount of capital, about several hundred billion dong. So the market must be carefully researched and surveyed before making a business decision.


For this automotive market, customer care policies are particularly important. We must always care, good customer care before – in – after sales. You can tell our members to call regularly to see if the operation of the car meets customer needs, whether customers need additional assistance or on special days to call and ask Wish to create closer relationship with customers. Buying a car requires a large amount of investment, so the psychology of customers will want to buy in reputable stores and companies. So if you make a customer happy, they will help you introduce more customers.

In addition, should provide other services such as test run, maintenance, periodic vehicle inspection for customers. After-sales services will be a factor to help you get closer and closer to customers.


Becoming a good car salesman is extremely difficult. With a product of great value, related to safety in the moving process, customers will be very fastidious. Car sales staff must be a person with good oral skills, good communication, lively, intelligent, and able to grasp opportunities and good persuasion abilities. Sales staff are those who directly interact with customers, will be your representatives, need to be trained, practice sales skills and communicate with customers before taking jobs. Appearance is also an important factor. Car sales staff are usually people with good-looking appearance, polite dress, looks that create sympathy and trustworthiness. Pay attention to the training of employees when opening a car showroom.


We have two channels to find customers. You can refer to:

+ Search customers by online channels: Customers who want to buy cars are often those with good conditions, high living standards and very busy. So they will not have time to go to each showroom to hear advice and product selection. The tool they choose is to find information about brands and models online to save time and costs. Therefore, you can reach these customers by creating a virtual store online as a website to introduce your company and products to customers. Need to invest in the content and images of cars on the website so that customers can refer to the most complete and accurate. Invest in running Google Adwords ads and optimize keywords to the top so customers find you the fastest. In addition, you should also use facebook in combination with running ads to reach more customers. Regularly post in forums, auto groups to introduce your company and products. In these groups, you will easily reach out to the main customers.

+ Search customers by offline channel: you will rely on your relationships with relatives, friends or old customers to introduce you to more customers in the future. Another way is to organize events such as giving a gift when buying a car, or buying a lucky draw with a great opportunity, discounting for the 100th customer …. This is a way to attract customers at that time, helping you both promote the company that has just sold the goods. In the process of communicating and creating relationships with customers, you must always store customer information to support future customer care. For customers who know that they are in need of buying a car, they must regularly call to ask, build relationships and listen to customers’ needs to advise the most suitable products.

In order to showroom investment, we need to spend some huge capital, while the automobile trading business is not easy. With the information shared in this analysis, it is hoped to help you make the best business decision. Thanks for following this analysis.

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