Blogs can be an effective tool for displaying products, services or sharing information from businesses. However, is your blog generating the desired potential?

How To Attract Customers

The ways swiftblogging suggests below will ensure that your blog content becomes “fuel” for the “machine that attracts customers.”

1. Definitely Helpful

Don’t think that anyone visiting your blog is because they care about your company or business. There are cases when they are interested in something you share, a product or service you create.

That’s why you need really useful information for readers. It is information that helps them solve certain problems, guides or introduces new things.

Before starting to create content on Blog, put yourself in the position of the reader and ask yourself:

  • Do I want to read this or not?
  • What do I remember after reading this article?
  • Does this help me make money? Does it help me solve the problem?
  • Next time I come back to read other information on this Blog?
  • If you can’t find good answers to these questions, you may have to rethink what you’re writing.

2. Don’t Forget

Imagine having a trumpet and playing music like Miles Davis would be great. However, like music, very few people understand the “art” of your blog right away.

Don’t think you only need to write a really outstanding article, then wait for customers to come and “love at first sight”.

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If you want to attract a lot of readers and thereby turn them into potential customers, you will need to build a regular writing system.

One lesson a month? It doesn’t work! You should keep the blog updated at least 2 times per week.

3. Gravity

Besides useful content, which is regularly updated, each of your articles needs to be engaging. Take a look at some of the factors required for a post to stand out:

  • The title should catch the reader’s attention and imply that “These are definitely the things you need to know”. You can follow the “steps”, “tips” or share experiences: “the things I’ve learned from.
  • Arrange your story. Often readers read through the article instead of reading each word. That is why you should divide the article into short paragraphs, use bullet points, numbering, keyword highlighting, note …
  • Insert at least one photo into each blog post. Illustrations help you tell stories that are more engaging and effective. It would be even better if you had related Infographic alongside the article content.
  • According to statistics, the posts with photos accounted for 87% of the interaction on Facebook, while this type of post was retweeted (re-shared) 150% more than the content without photos on Twitter.

4. Call To Action

You are writing to the end of the blog post, but getting it isn’t done yet. Each article in your blog must be cleverly “enticing” readers to do something you offer.

For example, introduce an e-book or download link to provide more details on the topic just mentioned in the article.

This is called a ” calls to action ” – a call to action. Building an article with a “call to action” is a way to turn readers into customers.

You can get some real data to prove: Search Engine Journal website said that their customers have increased by 212% since adding “call to action” to each article.

5. Finally, Patience

As we all know, no sweet fruit can be collected just after planting. Bloggers must be able to write well, write fast, but also need patience.

Maybe weeks, even months, you don’t have any customers. However, the results will come after a certain time.

Blogging is a difficult challenge that every business needs to conquer. Combine the above golden rules, and start “attracting customers” about your company.