Top 10 Marketing Models For Selling Agricultural Products on The Internet

Currently, the Internet has grown very large and fast. No matter what industry or industry you need to go through the Internet, business becomes easier and more convenient. Here are the top 10 marketing models for selling agricultural products on the Internet.

1. Agricultural Products + Visual Agriculture

“Visual agriculture” mainly refers to the use of the Internet, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, radar technology and modern video technology to present models, means and methods of cultivation or livestock. raising in public, a model that gives consumers peace of mind to buy quality products.

“Visual agriculture” also has a primary function, which is a reliable future order effect. Many consumers or investors use the website of “visual agriculture” to observe and order remotely. They use visual platforms anywhere.

We can observe the entire production and management process of livestock products such as vegetables, fruits, pigs, cattle and sheep.

In recent years, the visual agricultural platform has upgraded traditional agriculture, deployed e-commerce to rural areas, upgraded store service, produced new orders and other forms in the market. countryside.

The intuitive agricultural platform is in operation and continuously distributes orders to organic agricultural producers to effectively solve the three major outstanding problems of traditional agriculture that are lack of capital, no availability. market and food safety.

2. Agricultural Products + Micro Business

In fact, it is the micro-business of farmers. Through Facebook’s list of friends, post information on agricultural products, including information on cultivation, feeding, harvesting and other information.

Taking photos of the growth of agricultural products posted to Facebook to show consumers the status of those agricultural products.

Agricultural products and micro-business need us to consider a few issues:

  1. Branding: must create a personalized brand, through the brand to value.
  2. Chain construction: Distribution, preservation, and creation of cold chains. This is the focus of farmers’ micro business.
  3. Show your true self: Facebook friends are not people who let us sell products directly, they are just our favorite and recognized users.

3. Agricultural Products + E-Commerce

This is the e-commerce platform and Internet to display and promote more popular agricultural products, convenient for consumers to order and buy goods online.

Agricultural products + e-commerce should pay attention to two issues:

  1. First: Agricultural products themselves are not standard products, but methods can be used to turn agricultural products into gifts or dry goods.
  2. Second: The problem of brand transformation with the repositioning of agricultural products by e-commerce, we can create industrial products that meet consumer needs in the new era.

4. Agricultural Products + Restaurant Serving Food

Experience in restaurants and catering services will be considered as a channel or platform, and then experience in agricultural products, consumption of agricultural products and agricultural products will be grafted into grocery stores, thereby solving the current situation of not being able to sell agricultural products and promoting agricultural products to customers.

There are a number of points to consider when applying agricultural products + catering restaurants:

  1. First: Do you want to experience the food service yourself?
  2. Second: Great advantages of agricultural products, special use of agricultural products.
  3. Third: Eat, entertain and learn how to balance.

5. Agricultural Products + Webcast

Last year, the most popular form of the live webcast. The big European stars and Asia also have a lot of people participating in live webcasts and winning millions of rewards.

Benefits of webcast:

  • See with your own eyes, improve your trust in your purchase
  • Participate in interaction and achieve a sense of satisfaction
  • Many new forms, many people look for things that have never been tried.

At the same time, the agricultural marketing model + webcast can solve the problem of trust. Through webcasts, users can enhance product confidence and spread it quickly.

Because the Internet is not a marginal form, the way of web broadcasting can promote agricultural products and brands. But there are also some issues to consider in the webcast:

  1. The popularity of live webcast people, preferably the founders of famous companies or stars.
  2. The service needs more. In particular, there is a need for quick and safe delivery and customer care after users order.

6. Agricultural Products + Community Fundraising

It is selling agricultural products through community fundraising platforms, which have become a popular means for new farmers. Among them, the marketing model of agricultural products + community fundraising can solve the problems of slow agricultural sales and the stagnation of agricultural products.

7. Agricultural Products + Community

What is the concept of community? It is a spontaneous or organized group of people with the same brand, hobby, passion, needs.

In the case of agricultural products such as people who like to eat peaches, vegetarians, dieters, people who like to eat apples, etc. This is a group of people who have the same needs for agricultural products or the same interests or requirements for similar agricultural products.

8. Agricultural Products + Direct Business Shops

Direct business stores will address issues such as location, reduce intermediate channels, reduce product prices and improve the interaction between agricultural products and users.

9. Agricultural Products + Applied (Internet Applied Agriculture)

The concept of application: Starting from the partner’s purpose to identify from the clue of agricultural products (plants or animals) until the order is made according to the quantity or the required quantity, enjoy together the application and enjoyment of quality products.

Issues to note in the agricultural product marketing model + apply

  1. Service and supervision
  2. Transparency, the application must be transparent and must inform everyone, cannot cheat.

10. Agricultural Products + Livestream + E-commerce Platform

The Internet has produced many new economic models and Livestream is one of them. The Livestream can be made by a famous star, maybe a person who specializes in Livestream selling online or the seller himself creates a brand for himself.

Three steps to marketing products through Livestream and e-commerce platform:

  1. First: plan marketing activities and invite professional Livestream participants.
  2. Second: need professional Livestream people to give experience about agricultural products, what kind of products, their taste and feeling is.
  3. Third: in the e-commerce platforms, such as Lazada, Shopee, Tiki sell synchronous products.

Of course, in addition to the above 10 marketing models, there are new marketing methods, and there are many new marketing models that appear constantly, we need to learn and explore according to the local development.

In the future, the marketing plan for agricultural products will inevitably lead to new ways and models combined with the Internet and market demand. But regardless of which organic or livestock agricultural products are used, marketing models also help farmers solve the problem of marketing agricultural products and direct sales. This is encouraging.

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