Advertising in the form of advertorial lately is increasingly being used by businesses to lure the market in more subtle ways. Because of that many emerging advertorial ad writing service providers to meet the needs of business actors. Then the question is what is the meaning of advertorial advertising?

Advertorial Ads?

Advertorial advertising is a form of advertising that is presented using a more refined journalistic writing style. Which means it uses a pattern of six news elements, namely 5W + 1H. As in writing straight news and depth news or features.

The form of this advertisement in each mass media can be different, depending on the writing style and layout format that applies to each media. It can be said that advertorial advertisements are advertisements in the form of news, or can also be referred to as news that breathes advertising values.

Because this ad is a subtle form of fish, it is a little difficult to distinguish which news is original and which is advertorial. To find out which advertorial and which news, pay attention at the end of the sentence.\

The following is a code or sign that is commonly used to distinguish between news writing written by editorial reporters, press releases and advertorials:

  • (ays), this code shows that the author is an editorial staff of the journalist who wrote the “ays”
  • (Antara / ays), this code shows that the author is editorial staff of the province “ays” by using material obtained by himself, plus from an intermediary news source.
  • (B11), the code shows that the author is an editorial staff whose name is only known to the editor’s internal circles. However, in some media, this code can be seen in the editorial arrangement.
  • (*) or q, this sign is usually used on news originating from press releases sent by non-reactionaries.
  • (adv) This code shows the form of writing advertorial. “Adv” itself is an abbreviation of an advertorial. To emphasize the difference between news and advertorials, major media not only includes codes or signs as mentioned earlier. Kompas daily, for example, gives the name “ad” at the top before the advertorial title.

Function and Purpose of Advertorial Advertising

Advertorial ads function to unify information and messages using soft language. Besides that, the discussion was delivered clearly, firmly, and easily understood by the public.

Based on the theory of needs expressed by a social psychologist Abraham Maslow, the words conveyed are not just to convince but must be able to tempt attention.

The most important thing is the message delivered must also be able to create needs for the community. In this case, the message delivered must be able to convince potential investors of the need to invest.

Types and Nature of Advertorial Advertising

Advertorial types can be distinguished based on the material presented in the writing. Broadly speaking, advertorial ad types are divided into:

Product Advertising

This type of writing presents a lot of discussion about the products to be marketed. The topic of discussion could be about the brand, type, quality, and presence. For example, discussing the latest jeans models released by well-known brand companies.

Service Advertising

This type of advertising in its writing presents a lot of discussion about the services offered to the public. The topic of discussion could be about the type or quality of services provided by service provider companies. For example, discussing the quality of service for freight forwarding services.

Corporate or Corporate Advertising

This type of advertisement in its discussion presents a lot about the existence of a company. Both private and government. The topic of discussion is usually about the activities carried out by the company concerned.

Government Advertising

This type of advertising in its writing presents a lot of discussion about activities around the government.

The properties contained in advertorial advertisements include: informative, explanative, interpretative, persuasive, argumentative, influential, and exploratory.

Advertorial Advertising Techniques

Techniques in writing advertorial ads include:

  • Writing Preparation

At this stage, it usually begins with the search for ideas or ideas, testing ideas, choosing topics, collecting data, and making a framework.

  • Writing Implementation

New writing is carried out after the ideas and topics are determined, and supporting materials and data are collected

  • Repair or Editing

In every writing, improvement is absolutely necessary. Editing is useful for knowing the possibility of errors in typing, grammatical writing, and data relevance.

  • Assign Title

The title is writing identity. without a title, when likened to an anonymous person, writing becomes anonymous.

Concept of Advertorial Advertising

What is the concept of making advertorial ads? Here are some guidelines in conceptualizing an advertorial ad.

The Format of The Article is Relatively Mild

Usually, advertorial news or articles are intentionally written to be intermittent information in a blog, magazine, or newspaper content. That is why the format must be lightweight, not too long with not too heavy material content. Because when writing becomes too dense and heavy, the main message of an advertorial ad will not be conveyed and ultimately the reader will only be made dizzy by the written material.

Convey In Editorial Language

Create writing in the format like news or article you make. Instead, you need to convey information sincerely to get readers informed about the benefits of the product. Make the reader do not fully feel that this article is actually just an advertisement.

Avoid Direct Marketing Languages

Direct marketing languages ​​that are full of frontal persuasions such as “get soon”, “buy now” and the like are not appropriate ​​in advertorial advertising.

What needs to be done is to steal the reader’s attention by the headline that makes them think this article will be full of information and explicitly encourage the opinions of readers to like the product or company concerned with a slightly evocative closure.

Anatomy of Advertorial Advertising

Advertorial is an advertisement in the form of news, so in the presentation also uses writing techniques commonly used in the world of journalism, namely straight news, depth news, or features. Following are the anatomical writing features:


Intro in the style of feature writing is the key to producing good writing. Broadly speaking, the intro has a function to attract the attention of readers to the writing, and make square off in writing the language that has been obtained. Besides, to astonish or surprise the reader, tickle curiosity, arouse the reader’s imagination, or briefly tell the reader the event.

Body Wreath

There are several patterns that can be used to arrange and elaborate the information supporting terrace essays, including the following patterns:

  • Thematic, that is, each paragraph gives a reaffirmation of what has been described in the intro
  • Spiral, is each paragraph detailing what was written in the previous paragraph.
  • Blocks, i.e. each paragraph contains information that is essentially independent of itself.

Closing Essay

In contrast to straight news or depth news advertorial ads. Feature writing style is similar to the article. The similarity is at the end of the essay must have a closing part as a climax.

Writing Structure

Feature style writing can use a reverse pyramid, pyramid, or chronological pyramid structure.

Sentence Bridge

In every structure of writing, there is always a bridge of sentences to sweeten the transition from the terrace to the body, from the body to the closing. So that it becomes a complete whole.

Using this kind of advertising, readers of articles or articles will subtly accept this hidden advertising information as normal information like reading an article.

Advertising messages will be conveyed subtly and sometimes not realized by the reader. On the other hand, the reader will get more information about the company or product that you will not be able to convey with just a piece of advertisement in a small box space in the corner of the website.

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