There are several types of businesses on the market that trade solely through online means. In establishing an online business, the owner must go through the same procedure as a traditional business, in formulating a business plan, by drafting a mission statement and by handling other administrative issues.

However, there are a number of advantages and disadvantages of online business in its management operations, which is a worthy point to consider when you are preparing for your online business such as when learning how to shop online for beginners.

Advantages of Online Business

Here we will describe some of the advantages of online business, namely:

1.  Reducing Costs

The main advantage of having an online business is the difference in costs when compared to establishing a traditional or offline office-based company.

Although there are costs associated with securing domains and installing websites, this is very minimal when compared to the leasing and maintenance of physical buildings, also learn how to start an online shop business.

2. Reducing Staff Requirements

Even though in a physical retail outlet the owner needs to recruit a number of sales staff, with many online businesses doing work automatically. For example, buying goods online does not require the cashier to make a payment: the buyer only enters the details of the card and the item is paid in minutes.

3. A Wider Range

With an online business, you can market your company on a global scale, reaching potential customers in other countries and continents. You must have a system in place to deliver your goods or services to this remote location.

However, while physical businesses can only advertise to customers in the local area, having an online business means you can expose your company to a large number of potential customers.

4. Connect Quickly

Through the Internet, business owners and employees can connect with customers and other community members more easily than before. Instead of having to contact or visit a store to get information about a product or service, customers can send an email to the store to get an answer.

The growth of social media has given business owners another easy way to connect with customers, who can join a business Twitter page or “Like” a business on Facebook.

6. Information

If you try to learn the opening hours of a store without a website, maybe you should call several times and can be transferred to the operator just to get answers to your simple questions.

If a business has a website, you can get this information quickly and easily. Business websites can provide a lot of relevant information to customers, including contact information, product descriptions and company history, understand how to start a business from scratch.

7. Sales

Having a website that offers customers the ability to shop online quickly can help improve a company’s financial bottom line. Many consumers prefer online shopping because it’s easy and convenient.

They can shop whenever they want, without lines and don’t visit the store directly. The online store is also ideal for consumers who don’t live far enough from a store. Through the internet, these consumers can still shop at the store.

Disadvantages of Online Business

Apart from having a few advantages online business also has several disadvantages, namely:

1. Impersonal

One of the debatable weaknesses for the proliferation of the Internet in modern business is that some correspondence between customers and businesses can be impersonal.

Before going to the Internet, customers who have complaints can contact the store manager and voice their concerns directly. When this person now voices his concerns via e-mail, he may receive a form letter again, which does not give him satisfaction in dealing with humans.

2. Not Trying Before Buying

Although there are a large number of items that can be purchased online without a doubt, there are other items, such as clothing, shoes, furniture and electronic gadgets, which consumers like or do before making a purchase decision.

In the online retail world, “trying before buying” is not possible. Online retailers have tried to compensate for this by allowing users to review products and by displaying photos and videos of products in action, but there are still some things that people better buy or access.

3. Competition

Online retailers have more competition in the Internet retail world. Although there is something that can be said about a credible online company, many consumers are looking for products and not so much with retailers.

This means that retailers with an unproven track record will probably take part of your business in the competitive world of Internet retailing to know online food business ideas.

4. Productivity

If you operate a physical store, you have hours of operation. You know your business schedule and know when you have to work. However, the Internet is a 24/7 operation, meaning your business is always open.

And online businesses don’t run out of physical store locations but leave your home. This can cause disruption and a decrease in productivity if you are not careful in managing the time used for your business.

5.  Credibility

Because there is a lot of competition in online retailing, there are credibility concerns among the many businesses that operate. That is one of the advantages of having a physical location – it builds trust and authority among customers, and this describes your business in a more professional light than if you were just a Web company.

That does not mean that all online businesses only lack credibility, but know that the company also has a physical location that lowers the red flag from a credibility standpoint.

6. Customer Service

Many online businesses have implemented the Webchat feature to help customers come out with questions when they shop, but customer service is still mostly done via email, by telephone or snail mail.

Although this can be effective for some items and customer questions, there is no point in face-to-face communication that you get from talking to colleagues in the store.

Businesses with physical stores can be more personable with their clients. They can show how a product works, and they can solve problems with products while explaining their actions.

7. Market Saturation

With an online presence, however, it means that you are surrounded by other businesses in your industry, all very eager to expose their company to a broad audience.

As a result, your business might get lost in a sea of ​​similar companies, so you need to find a product or element to your company that gives you an edge over your competitors, also learn about online business methods on Facebook.

8. Lack of Interaction

With the presence of physical staff members can interact with customers directly. This can impress buyers and ask them to share their positive experiences with others.

Some buyers may prefer face-to-face interactions, compared to buying goods online. You might struggle to develop meaningful relationships with buyers when you run an online business.

9. Internet Connectivity

You can stand to lose a lot of time and money if, for some reason, your website can experience errors and cannot be repaired for hours, or even days.

This can cause potential customers to be persuaded not to buy products from you if they receive an error message when trying to visit your website, and they can communicate their bad experiences with friends and family.

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