Working from home continues to become more popular these days.

As e-commerce platforms such as Etsy, Zibbet, and GittiGidiyor become more and more popular day by day, more artists and hobbyists have opened up to the internet sector to make money.

There are many ways to work from home; building your handmade business is one of them. Here are 20 easy home additional business ideas that you can start with little money.

Additional Business Ideas At Home

Do you dream of working from home? Good news! To earn money from home many individuals are working in Turkey regularly consisting of people working from home.

Some positions are free, some are independent contracts and others are full-time jobs.

For remote jobs, you need a computer and an internet connection, some basic skills and build-and-finish behavior. A little learning or ability is sufficient for other jobs.

1. Making Jam

One of the most traditional methods of adding business ideas at home is making and selling jam. It is easy for anyone to handle and pack, even in large quantities.

Thanks to the ease of access to a regular supply of high-quality fruits and jars, you can enter the jam business without wasting time. First, create a list with tried and correct jam recipes.

Then create branded labels and sell your products online or at local fairs, farmers’ markets, and events.

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2. Pastry and Bakery Products

If you bake yourself a bunch of cookies to get rid of boredom often, why not make money by opening a bakery? Find desserts you can cook perfectly every time and accept online orders to deliver to local areas.

This is a great job of working in your free time because you can pick up and deliver orders in the evening and on weekends.

The best thing about being in a bakery business? You’ll never have a volunteer shortage to help you eat your mistakes.

3. Producing Scented Candles

Candles are popular products for people like GittiGidiyor, Etsy and Amazon. Making handmade candles with the right materials is quite easy and inexpensive.

What you need to make unique fragrant candles in your kitchen; They are wax, suppository and fragrant oils.

Although you need to take a close look at your products, there is no limit to the shapes, sizes, and scents of the candles you can create when you master your wax art.

4. Soap and SPA Products

Likewise, handmade soaps and all-natural organic soaps are products that people demand very much. To make it with some fun soap shapes, it is possible by mixing several essential ingredients along with scents and other customizable materials.

Hair products, lotions, soaps, and cleansers can be made using natural ingredients in your pantry. Of course, anyone can find a recipe for a sugar scrub or vinegar-based cleaning solution, and they can do it themselves, but if you pack and sell them in sets, your customers will want to buy these natural products.

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5. Motif on Glass

You can create your own painting studio in your own home. For this, all you need is glass, some paint, and the ability to paint. You can sell your products and motifs online. You can also paint only on the glass.

6. Designing Bags

One of the most effective methods for additional business ideas at home is to design and sell bags.

By designing your own handbag and wallet collection, you can be truly creative with different materials and styles.

You can sell your designed products to a local store or by opening your own store online.

7. Knitting Making

If you are skilled in knitting, hats, scarves, gloves, etc. you can produce products at home. You can get the ingredients from your local mill store to produce these products.

You can create various different products to sell. Knitting production takes an important place in our list of additional business ideas at home, which every lady usually learns from her family.

8. Decorating for Events

Of course, decorating with friends and family is always fun. You can make handmade decorations for events in your own home.

It would be correct to direct these decorations in line with the wishes of the customers or to the products with high demand.

You can also teach some décor making lessons at home, and this is another creative way to generate income!

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9. Wood Works

Large wood products, such as designing furniture, can be a good idea if you are prone to woodworking, or if you have a relative who knows this at home.

You will only need some carving tools and materials. If you want to stick to smaller projects like birdhouses or home decorations, you can definitely start by trying to engrave smaller products.

10. Creating a Sugar Bouquet

If you are confident in the kitchen, you can make your own candy products in your own kitchen and pack them for sale. For this, it will be enough to buy the materials from your local or cheap stores.

11. E-Book Writing

If you have a lot of ideas to share with people, you can actually write your own book with instructions or ideas and post it online as an e-book.

While this is a time-consuming task, the happiness of sharing your own ideas is invaluable.

12. Photography

You can start your own creative business as a photographer, take photos in a home studio or even in your garden. You can then license and sell some of your photos online by uploading them to image sites.

13. Producing Greeting Cards

Unleash your card creativity by designing your own greeting cards from your home using your paper and creative skills.

Afterward, you can sell your designed cards in and in local currency.

Besides, if you want to make money in foreign currency in dollars and euros, you can sell it in Etsy or Shopify.

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14. Designing a T-Shirt

T-shirt frenzy with custom logo or design continues at full speed. Using online services such as or Redbubble, you can use ready-made designs that you can print on T-shirts and other products.

Or you can be more creative and customize t-shirts with names or other items for private customers.

15. Jewelry Making

You can easily design and create your own jewelry and jewelry using beads and other similar materials that you can easily find online or at a local craft store.

You can easily sell your designed products on LetGo.

16. Bead Jewelry

You can create jewelry and sell it to jewelry manufacturers by combining the beads used in Victorian or Ottoman periods with products made of metal, glass, silver or various other materials.

17. 3D Printed Figures

With the advent of cheap, quality 3D printers, a class of 3D craftsmen has emerged. Whether it’s a cartoon, video game characters, or decorative artwork, 3D printers have artists trying new things and a new environment for shoppers.

To print your own creations in 3D, you will need some design knowledge. However, you can easily get started with open-source designs that are available online for free. Try different prints to appeal to all kinds of tastes!

18. Furniture Renovation

The work of home decor and furniture renovation is emerging as a rising trend in 2018. There are a lot of do-it-yourself lessons on this topic on Youtube and Pinterest.

Many of these lessons are easy to learn and do. The farmhouse and rustic style became very popular this year. You can easily get cheap materials from local discount stores or online apps like or LetGo.

19. Creating a Handmade Product Blog

Although you have your own handmade work, you can start a blog about your handmade work. You can gain visitors by publishing articles and videos about the subject on which you have mastery of the handmade product on the blog.

You can earn money from this blog through advertisements, collaboration, affiliate links, and social media. Blogging is among the additional business ideas that earn the most at home.

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20. Special Clothing

Do you have a sewing machine or even just a needle and thread? You can create special clothing products for customers who want shirts, skirts, dresses and even baby items.

Internet marketplaces like N11, GittiGidiyor sell everything you need, from fabric to sewing equipment and patterns. You can follow free online models for some basic items and designs on the internet.