8 Ways to Advertise Products in Shopee Complete

The internet has changed the way many people live today. Even now the view of life has begun to shift because with the internet everything is like being facilitated. One of them is in terms of trade. Because now, many traders have been facilitated to introduce their products by online promotion .

One way to do online promotion is to join existing marketplaces or online markets such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak, and also Shopee. However, in this article we will only discuss how to advertise products at Shopee. This is because the way to advertise products at Shopee is very suitable as a first step in how to start an online business from scratch .

How to trade at Shopee is not much different from the way online business on Facebook . It’s just that here, Shopee has provided many features that are very useful for us to increase sales, one of which is a feature to advertise products. And if you want to know how to advertise products at Shopee, here are the ways:

1, Log in

The first way to advertise products at Shopee is Log In or log in to your Shopee account. This method can be done by visiting seller.shopee.co.id. If you don’t have an account, you can directly create a new account at Shopee.

Creating a new account can be done by accessing Shopee.co.id and clicking on the list option in the upper right corner. Creating an account in a marketplace like Shopee is a way to start an online shop  that you can try. Because, in addition to housewives or employees, an online shop is one of the profitable businesses for students .

2, Select My Promos Menu

If you have logged in and entered the Seller Center Shopee page, then there will be many menu options that function to manage your online store. Because you want to advertise products, do click on the Promotion option and then select the menu of the menu.

My menu is one of the features offered by Shopee so that users can offer products through advertisements. It’s just that this feature is not free alias can only be done by paying.

However, although like that, this feature is very effective for you to increase sales. If you have a culinary business, this feature is perfect for developing  your own online food business idea so that more people are known.

3, Fill Top Up

As explained in the previous point, my subscription feature is a feature that requires a fee. So, make sure you have enough deposit in your account before using this feature.

But what if there is no deposit in the account? You can do a Top Up by clicking on the Top Up box in orange and start choosing to do the top tup in what amount. Payments for this top up can be done by bank transfer or by other methods provided by Shopee.

Even though it is a paid feature, the benefits you will get will be comparable to the capital spent. If you have a hijab product, then using this advertising feature is the right way to start an  online hijab business because later, after using the advertising feature, your product will be on the first page in Shopee so that it will be easy to find.

4. Select New Ad

If you have topped up and the deposit has been filled, then click on the orange box with the new ad in the top right corner. The new advertising feature is not only intended for one product. With it, you can advertise your other products.

If you have a clothing or bag product, this is a way to start a clothing business  and how to start  the right bag business because it is likely that your product will be seen by many people. The more you see, the chances are that your product will sell very large.

5, Select the Desired Product, Advertise

As explained in the previous point, if you have clicked on the New Ad option, the next step is to choose which product you will advertise. At this stage you can choose several products to increase the conversion rate of your online store. If you have, select the Next Step selection menu under the product image.

6. Choose Key Word

Besides choosing the product to be advertised, the next step is to choose Key Word or the keywords for your product later. On this page, you will get several choices suggested by Shopee as a reference for advertising your products.

These references are the keywords in question which are the most searched keywords by Shopee visitors. Do not be original in determining keywords because the right keywords will make it easier for visitors to find your product and make a purchase. Complex keywords will only make your capital wasted.

7. Determine Capital

Capital is part of the business as well as the advantages and disadvantages of online business . But at Shopee, you can set how much capital you want to spend. In Shopee, the cost of advertising your product is calculated according to the clicks obtained.

The more clicks you get on your product, the more capital you spend. And if your capital is not enough, the ad will stop showing when your deposit is no longer sufficient. In terms of determining this capital, you will be advised of the amount of capital by Shopee and make sure you choose according to your ability.

8. Launch Ad

If you have determined the amount of capital that you want to spend, then you will click on the launch option. Your ad and ad will be displayed by Shopee at that time. The advantage of online business  compared to offline business is: everything is done automatically. That is, after you display the ad, you only need to wait because the rest of the Shopee system works.

That’s 8 ways to advertise products at Shopee which is very easy to do. However, even though it’s been done, there is one thing that is very important for you to do. That is the complete data that is owned by your product.

Do not let information about the product you are advertising less or incomplete because it will have an impact on customers who are hesitant to buy it. The more complete information and product description, the greater the likelihood your product will get a buyer. May be useful.

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