7 Ways Online Business on Facebook To Be Successful

Starting an online business? Why not. There are many platforms that you can make an online business field, from free web to paid web. Even to use free web to social media services remains one  way to start  a profitable online business from zero.

Not only have to jump directly into the world of business that uses paid webs that have to spend every month to rent domains. You can really start an online business using only social media.

One of the social media that is often used in doing business online is Facebook. Where someone will be easier to carry out promotions and create a promotion page.

In this highly sophisticated era, there are many things you can do with a social media page, even in terms of doing business online. Because the growth of Facebook users has skyrocketed from year to year. Curious about how to do business online on Facebook? Come see the following review:

1. Increase The Number of Friends

If you want to make your online business on Facebook one of  the long-term business ideas , then you must first increase the number of friends on your Facebook profile.

Facebook does limit the number of friends to 5,000 people per account, but you can use the follow feature and make your posts public, so that they can be accessed by others even though it is not one of your Facebook friend lists. The more friends and followers you have, the more you can see posts about the services and products of the online business that you are promoting.

2. Update Status

Yes, you are indeed required to be more frequent and diligent in updating the status related to the promotion of goods and services of the online business that you are currently in.

You have a target where everyone or friends on Facebook can find out and are interested in using or buying the products and services that you offer right? Then more often in updating your status. People will know better and be interested if you are more creative in updating your status.

No need to copy and paste the same status every minute, this is considered spam and people will start to stop following you! But be clever to choose the right time to do a promotion, for example during lunch breaks,

3. Group Lyrics Regarding Your Online Business

Through the search system, you can search several groups that have active participation which is certainly related to the type and theme of the online business that you are offering.

There are 2 steps that are recommended in optimizing this group, namely by trying to post services or products of your online business periodically into the group and see how they respond.

The second way is to look for similar stalls that are posted to the group and see who comment and give likes. Add them one by one, because they will become potential potential buyers later.

4. Create FansPage for your Online Business

Besides updating the status and publishing it in several related groups. You can also consider making fanspage. There are many services offering buy and sell likes for Facebook fanspage to raise your fanspage branch.

However, there are still a number of other ways to invite your Facebook friends to help you like your fanspage. Don’t forget to do good management, answer all the questions in the form of comments and private messages as quickly as possible.

People tend to prefer to use the services of a business that has good service and fast response.

5. Increase your Edge Rank

One of  the characteristics of a potential  business is a business that gets a lot of customers and attracts many people. Whereas if you use Facebook as a place to do business online, then at least you have to increase your Facebook profile’s edgerank first.

Your post will be on the newsfeed or on the homepage of most of your Facebook friends even though it has been posted for a long time or not a new status. The way to increase edgerank is:

  • Regularly posting the status until some friends will be aware and know about your Facebook profile, the number of visits to your profile will automatically raise the level of edgerank.
  • Set links and photos and videos in each of your posts. Instead you only post the status of an online business that is only in the form of writing, it is better that you include videos, images and related links, of course this will add interest from readers to find out more about the contents of your posts.
  • try to make your posts interesting to get a lot of comments, likes and even shares. Anyone who likes and comments and shares the status that you have created some time ago, it will still appear on the “home page” of your Facebook friends.

6. Spam Like

Although it might be a little annoying “but this is needed in doing business online on Facebook. You certainly need a lot of likes so that your posts remain on the main page on the Facebook page of your Facebook friends.

It is not too difficult to get likes, there are many free facilities that offer boom like facilities, but you also have to be careful about removing account data or even getting hacked. Another way is to provide spam like to others so that they are also interested in giving the same thing.

7. Sales Strategy

If you are capable and expert in conducting promotions, you will be able to also attract the interest of prospective buyers. Give some real items from the services, services and products of the business you offer.

Like giving photos of original items, giving testimonials to previous customers and providing attractive promos. Don’t just give the seller sweet words that include some fake testimonials and even some of the pictures that are dirty from the free web.

Indeed there are no restrictions, but making buyers more confident and trusting by providing tangible evidence is also one of the studies of  the characteristics of ethical business .

If you are doing business online on Facebook by selling a product, then here are some tips that you should consider:

  • Give full confidence to customers and potential customers for your business is one that is reliable and high quality.
  • Give a sense of security and confidence so that buyers are not afraid or hesitant in transacting by uploading proof of sale or delivery receipt.
  • Also pay attention to the long-term problems of shipping and packaging products to make them neater and faster.
  • Try the product you offer is one product that does have many fans

The success of a business does not only depend on the unique product, but there are various other aspects that affect such as service, quality and security. never hesitate in trying and keep developing your business online on your Facebook.

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