65 Small and Big Business Ideas

65 Small and large business ideas help you start your business with a limited amount of capital. For those who want to have a large capital business, in this analysis project 100startupideas.com also shared more ways to start a larger business.

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Now we will go to the main content of this 65 effective set of ideas, and Luong will divide this article in two parts, in which Part 1 has 60 effective ideas, and Part 2 is 5 ideas to be beaten. Prices are very consistent with the current trend.



Tofu is one of the indispensable foods in daily life, so the number of people using this food is very large, even people can stop eating pork and chicken to eat vegetarian with tofu for months, reason because it’s cheap, it’s good for the body and easy to eat.

With this idea you need about 90 million USD This amount will be allocated to the premises (average area of ​​about 25m2), tofu making machine (now there are automatic tofu making machines that help work faster, you should learn more about making machines) This bean is on the market), other types of tools-utensils serve in processing fresh beans.

The idea with the most important sub-material is the raw material, the fresh and clean ingredients that give the fragrant white bean (do not use chemicals such as stalactites – it is not suitable for business ethics and does not exist. Castle).


India has about 95 million people, this population is concentrated in 3 big cities: Bangalore, Delhi, Chandigarh, and in these 3 cities, the number of nearsighted people is many times higher than the population areas. Other residents, especially rural areas – especially for students (about 40% of students have nearsightedness), and yet every year the proportion of nearsighted people as well as the need for fashion eye wear increases. So a huge market for eyeglasses in these cities is natural.

However, there are many big eye wear brands that have existed before, they also have many cheap prices, promotions often frequent. So how can you compete with them. The answer is service, your attitude to customers. Give customers more marginal services than your competitors will succeed.

There are 2 types: Men and women eye fashion and prescription glasses. You can choose one or both types of business together (however, investment and technology needs to be ensured).

With this idea you need people who are specialized in eyeglasses, eye refractometers, equipment for eye examination, or glass cutting, etc. The premises are also important for you to pay attention to.


Wedding photography  is one of the highly developed industries in India, the future of this profession is constantly growing.

Wedding photos today are not only for couples who are married for the first time, there will always be 2nd and 3rd wedding couples all year round (customers want to celebrate their wedding day, or for other reasons). However, the wedding season in India usually takes place in July to the first lunar month of the following year, you need to take advantage of this time of year.

About demand. Statistics in India today every normal photo album has an average price of 3 million, of course there are many different prices depending on the high demand of the giants or ordinary people.

Each couple usually needs 2-3 albums, so the amount you can collect is up to 6-9 million / time. These are simple maths to give you the initial visualization of this service. If you choose wedding photography as a “flag”  of business ideas  , you need to learn more about equipment, photo editing software, or a studio …

Directions in this service

There are many people who will trade wedding photography services like you, so you need to identify a different highlight in your service. This highlight is:

+  Focus on price , others can create beautiful pictures, but their prices are quite high. You can take advantage of this weakness to offer the best price for customers. Rather than taking wedding photos at a low price

 Focusing on outdoor wedding photography , many people choose to take photos at Studio, you can do the opposite by finding and drinking many beautiful shooting locations. If you do this well, the bride and groom are willing to introduce your address to other wedding couples.

+ Fast time , this will help your service be more professional, so that it can last long.

Or you can combine all three, but you need to look back at your money.


It sounds crazy and hard to imagine, but this type of service is one of the fastest ways to earn money, bringing in huge profits.

Understanding simply is lonely, old people need love, want to share feelings, feelings, … You need to provide these emotional values ​​to customers (hire people or yourself to do the service yourself) ). In general, this is more extensive, but this type of service includes two aspects:

+ Rental of temporary family members:  You can recruit employees to the family home to talk with the elderly, lonely people, help them to do chores, vent their mind of sadness, boredom of They => Doing this well will become a psychologist.

+  Providing hourly services : Understanding the nature, this aspect is the premium hourly oxide. The tasks that your employees (or you) need to do, such as going to the market, cooking meals, checking your health, etc. => Doing this well will become a nurse. This is a type of development business in Saigon.

However, in this respect, you do not become as usual. You need to have offices, phones, books, people and service catalogs that offer love. Your job is to manage people who will be in direct contact with customers. But please make sure that you have fully trained and professionalized your employees and employees before you appoint them to perform the task.


If you have bought a prescription somewhere from 30-40 thousand USD, they are actually only imported with the price below 10 thousand USD, a big amount of exorbitant profit. And this is the reason why pharmacists and doctors quickly get rich.

Not to mention the large import orders, you can get a 30% -40% discount on the value of that shipment. This is really a great way to make money, thanks to the specificity related to health and human life.

Today, the intellectual level has increased, more and more people know and need to use drugs to prevent and treat diseases. Therefore, if investing in this way, the future may expand more branches. But this is one of the conditional business lines, you need to have certain qualifications, qualifications and certificates to open a pharmacy.


Every year, thousands of babies are born, this number is concentrated in Jammu and Kashmir and Mumbai, the number of babies will continue to increase in the future, so the need for baby supplies surpasses. rank. If you make good use of this population advantage in India, with the business strategy of newborns, toys for your baby will be successful.

Items that can focus on business: infant clothes, baby toys, young educational equipment …


The smoothies, soft drinks, rubs of foot milk, milk coffee, … all need to use fresh milk, that is not to mention the need to use milk directly from the people.

You can get into this market by selling fresh milk to milk tea shops, or opening a shop in a place that is easy to get noticed. With this model you need an estimated amount of 120 million.


At many points of people passing by, school. Rent a small booth for guests to eat. The dishes will bring high profits: Bun cha, crab, vermicelli, … Sticky rice, sticky rice, sticky rice, sticky rice, … Boiled suede eggs, meat soup, hot fish soup suitable to eat in the day These are all things that will help you earn big profits without spending too much money.


Demand surveys in big cities in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City often buy souvenirs for young children, if it is expected that each family usually has at least 1 small child, then the number of tens of thousands and millions of people How many toys and souvenirs will children buy?

The needs of buying souvenir photo frames for babies, small pictures depicting children, toy frames, small glass shoes, hand-worn chains … These are very potential items.

In order to open a shop this shop expects a budget of 100 million. Places to do business: near hospitals, health care centers for young children, or maternity checkups. 


Items such as transparent male panties or men’s pants belong to the type of poison, which is becoming a popular medicine for men.

Previously, people often focus on female underwear models, items for men only have belts, eyeglasses, casual clothes. If you make a difference in the underwear business for men to become a brand, the profits are invaluable. Always remember, when fashion business needs to focus on trends. Always update new fads to polish your brand and store. In order to trade this item, the average capital is 100 million.


An idea for development is not new, but they help you earn new money. There are many delicious restaurants in Saigon and Hanoi, the central region has grown and grown from small rice shops.

Restaurant business needs to select the location, availability of food materials at affordable prices. And always remember to be small until you are really strong to expand many items, many store locations. With this idea about 50 million or less.


Somewhere there are many ideas such as buying books online, buying books online for everyone. But in fact, a traditional bookstore is sold to those who are extremely profitable children.

Business children’s books should choose the location near the primary and secondary schools. The booth area should be 20-25 m2. To make this plan you need to link to a publisher or a large bookstore. Usually now publishers often discount 4/6 or 5/5 book values.

Business tips for picture books for children. Young children do not like books with too many words, so the children’s stories have pictures of the rising sun country that are very popular with children. Moreover, picture books often have a high value, so the profit is more.


Educational items, smart toys for children aged 6-15 years today are especially focused on the ability to stimulate creativity, learn and learn. Items like smart spreadsheets, smart toy cars, smart alphabets, etc. are bought by many parents for their children to use.

Note before making this option: Study the residential area that wants to book a store, make sure it is a neighborhood with lots of children, close to middle school. Otherwise your strategy will fail .

Business of smart education products can be considered as one of the directions with a long-term development future. If the socio-economy grows, your small business will grow stronger and more parents and grandparents buy smart development equipment for your child.


It may sound unreasonable, but it is one of the  few small businesses that  are very popular with people with KD will; The 21st century is considered a “green century”, a century of green and clean environment. And business and state business strategies are not outside this cycle. When the social environment becomes more and more depressed, the green products are very pleasing to buyers. In our country, the percentage of consumers of green food has increased sharply in recent years. 

This means that the market for agricultural products and agricultural products is being chosen by consumers as the main food. Foods such as green vegetables, natural fruits, foods prepared with natural green color such as green cakes, cereal cakes, fruit smoothies, bananas, … are all foods with close colors. nature.

Choosing green food as the main business product is the right way to have a long-term future when the world is dealing with environmental problems, chemicals in meat-made food, ready-to-eat food, etc. However, to survive is not simply based on such “green products”, factors such as strategy, goods type, capital and planning are very important. Always remember, ” a good horse will not be able to step if two cracked cakes are out of breath”


In this way, we assume you weave bracelets with a cost of 15,000 USD / 2 bracelets, except for other expenses and you sell them for 30,000 USD / 1, but still can collect about 40,000- 50,000 USD, so in a month, the profit amount is too big. But to sell at that price you need to know the trend, the need to use women’s-girlfriend accessories.

Although small, these items can bring a great benefit if you calculate carefully and go in the right direction. The items are plaited from silk threads, parachute cord, rush, tape, wool, … are no longer new, but with the oversized buyers market, the resellers are few, indeed it is “pho cool ”too good.


Clothing is not a new idea, but it is one of 65 ideas that can help you earn fast money. The problem is how to make the clothing business successful when there are so many fashion shops growing like mushrooms.

Instead of leaving a large sum of money to import goods, what you need to do is become a fashion and clothing wholesale dealer. We have to do a good job of distributing goods to the market and retain the list of customers.

Once there are good sources and outputs, the next thing to do is to capture the fastest models and fashion models. Fashion is always the case, if your brand is faulty, it will disappear and no one wants to worry.


If urban medicine is used in urban areas, rural areas are a fertile market for you to exploit traditional medicines and herbal medicines.

In order to open a oriental medicine store, you first need a business license, but to get a license, there are certain conditions that need to have a practicing certificate, to ensure human and technical requirements. …

If you choose this idea, be prepared for professional expertise or have a support person help you implement your KD plan.


It seems that modern society is favored by hand-woven or hand-crafted things. So the idea of ​​opening a tailor shop for beautiful office clothes, home clothes, … will be a pretty creative start.

If you are skillful, this is a very suitable form, you can tailor business dresses, or follow your own orders with different sizes of different sizes.

The advice for you is to introduce your service to friends and ask them to spread the word for you, there will be a lot of people who like the things you sew, but to keep those precious guests depends. on the boss-girl’s sewing ability.

Things you will have to prepare when implementing this plan:

+ Sewing machine,

+ Different types of sewing thread

+ The space is about 15m2 -17m2 to open a store

+ Measure, sewing needles, …

In this investment, if done well, you will have regular customers to visit and the sound will spread quickly throughout the region. And you can rest assured that the craftwork will never disappear, even if the street shops die and come back to life, your shop is still visible over time.


People’s lives are increasingly improving, for the more rigorous housing space and beautiful aesthetic requirements, leading to the unique design needs of private houses only in each person’s home space also increases. Especially the designs in rural areas are often different from the style of townhouses, so it is necessary for designers like you to create perfect houses.

In order to do this well, you are not only a design person but also a person who has extensive knowledge about feng shui, housing trends, …


Estimated cost of opening a motorbike repair shop is about 120 million, this amount will be allocated to repair tools and machines such as air compressors, shaft grinding machines, appliances, car tires, …

India is one of the countries that have great demand for using motorbikes in the world. In big cities, the repair shops are growing a lot, so it is not easy to compete for customers. If you build this idea in rural countryside will be more reasonable, and can save a large amount of rental space.

Tip:  Lowering the price of each repair will help you get more familiar customers than earning high and losing customers.


Additional accessories for the house such as electric wires, locks mounted on the gates of water pipes, showers, toilets, … have been considered as a separate business equivalent to interior and exterior. These housing accessories and sub-projects are contributing a large part of GDP so it becomes a key business sector of the economy. If you choose this idea, you will not need to worry about the future or long-term orientation because there is a state to help you with that problem.

You will have to manage in this plan in 3 directions, either become an official dealer, or be a retailer taking goods from genuine agents, or importing abroad. If you have not done business in any field, the second option to become a retailer is the best, over time when reaching a large enough turnover you can completely register as a level 2, level 1 agent of the total. company, and more powerful is importing self-trading products. You can skip steps 1, and 2 to go to step 3 if you have enough financial and commercial business potential.


No need for large capital, you only need 90-100 million USD already can open the brand already. Your door shop will let you read books freely, and if customers like any book you can buy it. About the usual tihcsh space will need 2-3 doors, and do not forget to show the lighting system on the ceiling, while decorating the pattern looks more beautiful. Also need to prepare 4-5 wide bookcases (if more is better depending on the area of ​​the store), try to make full use of the empty parts of the house. In this way of starting a business is the place of business, and where it can bring the best revenue is around schools and educational institutions with a radius of 200-400m.


Not everyone in the countryside also has enough supplies for production and business and life, if you have conditions, why not try to invest and profit with this rural model.

There are 3 types of furniture that can be rented out in the countryside without fear of “neighbors” insulting money, and more effective for doing business:

+ First wedding dress:  Ceremony of asking for meals, wedding backdrops and tarpaulins, tables and chairs, pots and pans, tray-eating bowls …

+ Second construction utensils :  formwork, trolley, large water tank

+ Thirdly, small-sized agricultural  machines : dirt harrows, seeders, rice transplanters, ..

To make one of these business projects, you will need a capital of USD 30 million- USD 100 million.


Another way of doing business in rural areas is to open a store with an area of ​​20-30m2 on average and trade in all kinds of goods from milk, diapers, confectionery, school supplies, household appliances, … This is a form of growing business in rural areas now due to rising unemployment, business and trade is the best way for farmers to survive except as workers.

In the idea you will invest the expected capital of USD 40 million -70 million and about USD 500,000 to rent a booth in the countryside every month. It is not too big for you to develop your business long term.

Rural business is a difficult form of investment, you will feel this clearly in the process of selling to customers and your customers’ words say “why is it so expensive” that you can’t “help” It is also the most difficult problem that rural traders will have to deal with.

The rural people live by the way, so they are afraid of the more expensive sellers, they think that the business people are too fiendish and so tomorrow they don’t bother to buy from you anymore, they are angry and they hate the face of the seller, so it is only a part of their lives to live in love. 
Therefore, the first problem that rural business people have to deal with is that the selling price and rural buyers do not need to be concerned about whether the quality is good or not. health and “use”.

Another problem for you to have more customers, create a wide relationship with people in the village so that when they don’t buy your goods they also have to be shy and next time they will come to your store again. to buy, because they know that you sell goods at a low price and are sociable, pleasant people in contact with them. Okay, do you have any questions?


According to statistics, in 2014, 70,000 cars were imported with a total value of 1.7 billion USD (equal to 38 thousand 165 billion USD). And by 2015, in the first 8 months of the year, approximately 75,300 cars were imported with value up to 1.91 billion USD. So the number of cars currently circulating on the market can be up to tens of millions of cars. And when these cars are broken, who repairs and maintains? This demonstrates that the automotive support industry is playing in the flourishing period of development, and whoever catches   this business opportunity will be the winner. But now we have just entered

Investing in an automobile maintenance factory needs a large amount of capital, but when it comes to successful investment, the profits are just the amount of sand grains in the desert. In addition, you should also pay attention to buying and using car accessories, because there is no standard of these accessories in the automotive accessories market so this field becomes chaotic and ambiguous.


The first concern for bosses / bosses who work in hair and business shops is a difficult obstacle. Sequentially, the business model will look like this: Go to school

It is impossible to assume that you do not know how to beautify your hair. You cannot do business, hire people and open a shop to make a profit and don’t forget to share with someone who helps you manage that opportunity, this model you can do business with throughout the year, especially on the occasion of Tet holiday, every year until the end of the year near to the Lunar New Year is women racing to beautify to celebrate Tet holiday. If you find  a business idea with little capital on the occasion of Tet holiday  , this investment method is extremely effective, income on Tet holiday can be doubled, 4 times higher than normal days.

Hairdressing industry is one of the most lucrative jobs today, this fact is evidenced by how women can fast on meat for a few meals and save money for beauty. Especially in recent years, the beauty industry has developed dramatically, which has changed the aesthetic thinking of Indian people. It is an attractive market, highly profitable, but it will also be a risk that you may encounter due to fierce competition.

To open a hair salon today, the amount of money needs 50-70 million or more depending on your own money. If you do not want to hire a manager or manager, you will have to spend an additional initial capital of 30-50 million to learn hairstyling. However, the number of revenue generated is 25-50 million USD per month, the capital spent on this is not absorbed anywhere.

Hair beauty has a few difficulties you also need to know:

+ You will find it too frustrating because of the difficulty of this profession, because no one can overcome the challenge in the process of learning experience.

+ Creativity, The most difficult thing when pursuing a career in hair beauty, may need 3-5 years to know the hair styles, trends, hairstyles, colors, …

+ You will have a lot of self-reliance, because of the knowledge you learn in the course or from people

others are only slightly personal and they only help in a specific case.

Investment capital, revenue and profit, potential development in the future, all difficulties have made it clear, are you ready to start with hairstylists?


As more and more fathers and mothers focus on the future of their children’s brain development, brain-stimulating foods and products become even more prevalent. One of them is headphones for pregnant women or fetal music players.

There are many models of earphones and music players for pregnant women, which are commonly used around the abdomen, or the type of earphones that can be held in the ears of a pregnant woman. In the process of developing this mainstream product, you can also trade other accessories such as music headphones for young people, micro-phones, phone covers, etc.


Buying toys for children is a problem for parents, children are always eager to explore and discover new toys, but they don’t play with them for more than a week, and this opens up a chance. Non-profit business association for us.

Toy rental has grown steadily 2-3 years ago, and now this is a big profitable business. In big cities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, … rental toys are very popular because consumers can afford to meet the needs of “sunshine of the afternoon” of their children.

You will have to pay attention to the following important factors:

+ Always clean and refresh your toys

+ Continuously investing and importing the latest smart toys in the market.

+ Please divide the amount of money on each rental item instead of placing a price too high, because sooner or later you go bankrupt.


When life is enhanced, the income is better than people think of spiritual values ​​and giving each other gifts that embody those prices, gift boxes suddenly become a bright spot in the business.

A beautiful gift package will honor the value of the giver, and the gift recipient also feels happy even if the gift inside is not expensive.

Estimated capital to open a gift box business from 70-100 million USD, this amount will be divided by the amount such as the place (should choose the location next to the school, where regular cultural activities, theaters movie screenings, …), labor costs, material inputs, PR costs, advertising on different media.


Bananas are gradually replacing many vegetables on the market today, the reason is that green vegetables are injected with too much chemicals to poison the users, so a business of ripe bananas is sweet or green bananas are also cooked. are all very good ideas to help you make a profit.


With a computer, a color printer, a Scan machine that you can practice, there will be a lot of other things missing, but you can add them after you have a close customer base. accustomed to temporary. The store area can range from 20-25m2, and you also need to hire a rather expensive store manager in this photo printing field.


Unlike the hot air balloon you still see them flying high in the sky, with this balloon you can use them to make money, they are usually filled with gas and inside contain gas (hydrogen gas, …) help the ball to be tied in the lower part is suspended.

The balloon you rent is usually quite colorful (green, red, purple yellow, or the colors of each other). They are often used in wedding festivals, birthday parties, or hired by state agencies. Colorful balloon balloon makes the ceremony atmosphere become more alive and more nuanced. 
Of course, there is no god who only rented this balloon, you should combine it with some other tools such as sun umbrella (for outdoor parties), steam house or steam gate, … To get these “sweet-like-water” contracts, you have to roll 1-2 years to build relationships.


A shop repaired clothes errors, or enlarged large, small pants, patched a hole, sewed a shirt pocket at the customer’s request. Just as simple as that, you already have income right?

In addition, you can use your small cloths to make a baby hat, or a bow and display at your shop. If customers are mothers of 1-2 daughters, they will not regret a few coins to buy beautiful items you made.


Simple, easy, you can completely spice up the meat yourself, prepare a little charcoal so you can start a business. Rent a small shop with an area of ​​about 20-30m2 and invest some sets and tables and chairs for customers to eat.

Barbecue is a favorite dish of many people, especially young people and students. You should put your home store in the crowded places like young people, schools, movie theaters, …


As the society grows, people pay more attention to the future of children even if they have to be 5-6 months to survive. Therefore providing a consulting service for fetal health is a smart start-up method. The services that you can advise such as eating something to help the fetus smart, the intensity of the mother’s movement is enough, what the mother needs to do to make both mother and daughter healthy …


Cars are gradually becoming the main vehicle of middle-class, upper-class families, and in the future cars will replace motorcycles, so developing a car interior installation and decoration store is the choice. very potential.

Investing in an installation and decoration store that doesn’t need a lot of capital, may initially need only 5-10 customers, then we keep growing with time. At one point, you can fully develop your installation and decoration base into a big company.


Whether you know it or not there is always a way to make money like that, in this way you can rent a shop with an area of ​​20-40m2 as a place to wash photos and communicate customers, and at this store you can shop An automatic camera can print photos right away. Your main job will be to introduce shooting and shooting locations for children of parents.

For more and more customers, you need to build a reputation through the quality of each picture, your film, when you have taken all the trust of customers, these customers will be very enthusiastic PR your store with others.


This is one of  the  prevailing ways to make money at home , being introduced from the West through forms of fast food supply that food online is gaining a very good market in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and other cities. big city center.

Our customers will be but she is 8X, 9X as office workers, or pregnant pregnant women. Women in this age group have high demand for online food due to contact with many technologies such as facebook, zalo, other social networks, so taking advantage of this opportunity will help you earn enough money. quite a bit before retiring to another career such as opening a restaurant, opening a professional rice delivery service.

With this form , you should sell lunch and dinner. Customers usually only search during the night before and and during the day of the day to prepare for the lunch and dinner of that day. Before implementing this option, you should consult your friends and customers about how your food buyers have specific interests and needs for the best preparation. When not yet developed into a personal brand, you should not do it before starting to introduce, because so your food can be “bad”. Please make a list of menus in the week and introduce them to customers 2-3 days, they will choose and call to order, at that time you will go shopping and processing.


In the past, people were not interested in cars because they could not afford to pay, but in recent years, the demand for cars was very developed, so the catering services also flourished, one of which was service. Car interior decoration, work can help you make millions every day.

The related works of interior decoration such as refreshing and beautifying the front edge of the car, attaching the ultra-thin membrane to the tires, decorating the wheels, rear-view mirror, etc. Things you will have to do not be heavy, so this strategy is suitable for both men and women. In addition, you will also receive another special benefit from this startup model that is to increase the relationship with the elite and middle class. Ordinary car owners are officials and business people with status. So if you have a good connection with these customers, you will be able to help them in another career story.

If you want to do good business in automotive interior products, you will have to learn quite a lot about cars, cars, interior equipment and decoration needs of customers. It sounds complicated but it is not difficult when you are determined to do it with your enthusiasm.


The elite, the rich, the conditional home are very fond of their fashion photos, wedding information in family magazines to save memories, or satisfy spiritual needs. This is one of the new business models, so in order to do well you will need quite a bit of information about the needs, the relationship with the newspaper printing companies (this of course you can set and not It was not as difficult as I thought.

Today the need to post photos and personal PR information, marriage weddings, etc. is increasing due to rising living standards and improved intellectual standards, so people tend to use more frequency services. than. And also because of this small business way will have the potential for long-term development in the future.


Products such as organic rice, leafy vegetables, organic root vegetables, fruits, and organic tea are more and more chosen by users, especially in big cities in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Da Nang. In rural areas, if you implement  this small, low-capital business  , it may fail because of the following characteristics:

Organic food means clean food, ensuring the standards set by the Food Safety Agency, in large cities today the amount of food and vegetables poured from different regions is unknown. The origin, even the toxic imported food from China, is widely sold in markets, while consumers are afraid of “dying”, then organic food is the lifeline to help consumers feel secure. use.

During this period, organic food becomes the king of food and drink, so if you make good use of it and deploy it in the right direction, you will win big in this plan.

To be able to trade organic food you may have to contact and get business license from the authorities, the high quality food management agencies will confirm and disregard the label for each guaranteed product. Safety precautions before being sold to dealers, mini supermarkets or consumed directly at the market.


Maybe you have never heard of this effective way of doing business, but it is a very potential model in the future and you will be the biggest profitable leader if done from today. As a new business model, you will have to cultivate a lot of knowledge about smoking cessation methods, alcohol abuse, …

The more society develops, the higher the need to use high-value services, and the opening of tobacco cessation shops, etc., is an idea that will bring those advanced values ​​to users. If understood correctly, this service will be for those who want to quit smoking and alcohol but do not have the energy, when they visit the shop and want to use your service, those people will be more motivated by Many people work together.

Your mission is to learn and store the most effective methods of quitting smoking and alcohol with the aim of successfully curing customers for a certain period of time. You also need to apply for a business license from the authorities to be able to invest long term.


Before going into this issue, I will tell you that if you cannot be a teacher, you can hire people. You get it and we continue this idea.

Finance and money are always important issues, so it is also the most difficult content of all other management issues of life. Money will not be able to leave life, so this investment idea will last forever without fear.

Currently, there are management and financial planning courses for businesses, but the courses on personal financial management are limited due to low demand, but it is an opportunity for you when become a leader. If you study customers well, be confident with this idea will help you gamble.

This is really a difficult type of business, because you will have very experienced and knowledgeable knowledge to indicate the spending plan for each individual in each different case. And if you do not understand the field, the best way to hire people is, of course, it will take some of your profits, but it is not as important as you need to build a long-term brand, and in the period That time, you can fully accumulate knowledge to become a financial expert.


Products supplied to customers will be economic translations, foreign trade contracts, or short-term translation trips in another province or country. What you need to do is hire a truly qualified staff, but if you know a common language, do it yourself for 1 year before starting a company.

I will tell you where translations and translation contracts will come from:

In 2007 India joined the WTO to open a prosperous future for the economy in the field of foreign trade, and this year 2015 India became a great power in agriculture, rice and coffee exports, … in the region. ASEAN region as well as Asia. India has indeed transformed itself with many economic agreements, which are now TPP (trans-Pacific economic agreement) connecting freely circulated goods across ASEAN countries, due to so the need for trade and communication through foreign languages ​​is very developed. For your part, take the opportunity and build a prestigious brand in this industry if you like it.


It may be a bad idea for women, but nutritional insects have actually become a culinary dish on today’s tables, insects become a specialty that brings nutrition in the century. 21 currently.

The reason why this investment is so popular is thanks to the nutrition and the wonderful effects of beneficial germs such as: yawning, anti-aging, fat reduction, cancer prevention, … More Insects are a very natural food and therefore preferred by users.

Some typical dishes from insects such as: grasshoppers, stink bugs, scorpions, pupae, crickets, deep powder, …. These insects can still be found in the countryside, but you can keep them in the countryside and transport them to the city of business. It can be said that this is a very effective and potential business plan in the future.


You can refer to the card templates online and create your own card design products. If you know a little bit about art, it is really good, that knowledge will help you have a masterpiece in every customer card set. While it is only an amateur, at least this work will help you earn a small amount of money after hours of administrative work.

You will need a computer to edit card design templates, a nice photo design software (photoshop or other specialized software), and a small booth to receive customers, that’s all. can work.


The development of machinery has formed washing machines using electricity and water. However, these machinery and equipment consume a large amount of electricity, so taking advantage of human mechanical labor for the purpose of saving electricity and saving water will bring higher profits for you.

This is a fairly suitable job for female workers, and this is a very suitable job for farmers, saving electricity and water costs and hiring cheap labor sources. High amount of finished products, what offenses do not do?


There are many people who go to buy products made from wool, especially in winter, so you can take advantage of this psychology of customers to provide products for them. The products you can make and sell such as: Carpets are rebuilt from duvets and some other accessories, foot mats, wool gloves, even woolen towels … There are many products you can make and sell.

Maybe your home will not have enough of the old woolen and woolen fabrics to make a new product, but you can buy it from friends, colleagues or invest in a new fabric if you see a positive business situation.

Business of products made from wool is very popular, many women are favored by the characteristics and materials of wool very soft, can be considered as a long-term start-up in the future.


In India, especially in Jammu and Kashmir City and Chandigarh, the number of people who need to use very high flower pots (ornamental flower pots) during weddings, meetings, exhibitions, commencement, … In schools This is due to the specific needs of using only one flower pot, and therefore the managers who organize the meeting and wedding will want to hire about 40-100 ornamental flower pots arranged on the different shapes ( pigeons, corporate-corporate brand symbols, etc.) or can be used to hang in the ceremony space.

In this strategy, you may need to take advantage of your bare land as a place to plant and care for ornamental flower pots, the area for planting may be 30-40m2, and always have to cultivate the care knowledge. , prevent diseases for plants. One problem that can not be ignored is always the flower pots to spare, otherwise in a negotiation with the customer may be the number of flower pots in the garden will be missing.

In order to do a good business of this service, the advice for you is to sign a long-term contract with the event organizer, they will be customers and pay you, not the person who needs to hire the flower pot. final. Companies hosting this event usually have a lot of contracts with customers, and so your flowerpots will be exported from the garden regularly, increasing sales more.


Currently India has about 95 million people, Bangalore alone has 7.2 million people, Delhi has 1.1 million people, Chandigarh City has 8 million people. In these cities, the demand for rice is absolutely high, the majority of good rice and clean rice are gathered and imported to Hanoi, Chandigarh City and Bangalore, people here have a high educational level, they beat The price of safe rice quality is very high, so providing natural clean rice is inevitable and will continue to grow in the future.

In the market today there are quite a lot of agents supplying rice, but these facilities often mix and use rice of improper quality so consumers are still unsafe, especially recently appeared. Rice is made from plastic beads, porous beads of China make people frightened. So if you make good use of this situation, it is possible to be the first to take over the market of clean rice and natural rice.

Can you still not understand the definition of clean rice, natural rice? These are the types of rice grown and produced in accordance with the procedures and standards set by the state agencies in the legal policy, before being sold to the market, these products will be thoroughly tested. and packing in the right way, your product will be certified as clean rice instead of the rice that is widely sold on the market today.

If you do a good job of selling clean rice, natural rice can earn you millions every day after deducting costs.


In India today the body painting service is usually for artists, art performers, etc. Your job will be to use colored and brushed palms on the client’s body to create these Properly shaped shapes are required.

Drawing on the body is a  new form of business that has  not yet been developed in everyday life, but you can completely contact performing arts troupes to sign a contract, maybe you will be touring for a few days with these performers, maybe just drawing on a half-day show, the amount of money drawn on one drawing can range from 300,000 USD -1,000,000 USD or higher depending on and your ability and ability.

Successful startups need to have the right direction


Design hair stylists, make up face makeup, regardless of age, gender, education level, but this profession is chosen by many women. Your job and your task will be to turn bad hair into beautiful, turn black hair into white gold, purple and red yellow green, … All will blend in a final masterpiece to show the theme of the guests. line.

Becoming a hair stylist, face makeup designer will probably require 1.5 years of vocational knowledge to practice, and this is just an initial base, after graduating from a 1-year course. half this time, you need to continuously contact and gain experience to become more mature. When you find yourself able to set up and start your own business here by opening a hair salon, a hair styling company, …


Revenue can reach from 10 million to 50 million / day from nail services

Making manicure and pedicure in India is now becoming a craze for beauty services. Nail making has become a profession of great value in beauty and fashion. This is a consequence of socio-cultural development, information technology and you can believe that if pursuing the beauty industry for nails and toenails will not starve but become richer. whoever.

There are many beauty professionals in the entertainment industry who have also quit their jobs to open their own nail service business for women, because they understand the trend and understand the professional field of people. This has quickly become the big boss of beauty brands, but not yet prominent in the brand, but has created them more than 1 million per day.

This is considered a way to make the most money out of the remaining industries. And if you start with it, the job will be to find beautiful nail polish and beautiful nail painting techniques … If you are thinking it is difficult, then it is not true, this is a profession that doesn’t need too much. Aesthetic skills such as fashion or fashion professions, pedicures, and nails are really good karma that can help you get rich and never worry or disappear.

To implement this option, you will need to rent a small space on the street so you can find your shop, prepare and shop for nail tools, nail gel, nail polish and other accessories. . The next thing to do is PR for your nail service in the newspaper or through media ads, in this step it is necessary to bring out beautiful nail art that is so beautiful that it makes them crazy about your creativity. .


The products for children are always hot and hot, the main reason is that parents have absolutely no regrets when buying clothes for their children, while if they buy a clothes for themselves, they are cautious, because So the idea of ​​selling clay for your baby is worth the investment.

In India in recent years parents have tended to invest in smart toys, developing high creativity for very large children, modeling clay is one of the toys capable of increasing ability. creative thinking for children, many people grasp the psychology of developing this model on the market today.

The clay market currently sets the price of each clay toy on average 300,000 USD and may be higher, if one day you sell 10 sets, the amount of 3 million is not difficult.


Plastic bags are the most used bags all over the country today, although there have been many campaigns from the state recommending the use of self-destruct bags, paper bags, … but plastic bags are still considered as bag products. missing in everyday people’s life. If you imagine in 2 cities Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, there are 7 million people, 8 million people in turn, and at least each person using 1 bag every day has proved a big market for you. invest.

When deciding to implement this idea, you will have to invest in a production line of plastic material production, a machine to produce finished products, and of course, before investing in such a big project, you need to have hand-over contracts. or investment cooperation to spread risk.


If in the season you can trade items such as paper cockroach wall of the bride and groom, needle roller, etc. When not the wedding season, the decorative paper products for the party are also necessary and you can sell these items.


In this business plan do not tell you to sell chocolate products, strictly speaking, your store will trade entertainment services from chocolate. When customers come to the store, they can buy ingredients themselves, make their own chocolate pieces.

Chocolate is a favorite dish of many people regardless of the age of young or old teen, furthermore, chocolate has a high nutritional value, is safe for health, so the service business is related to numbers. This mule in the future has great potential for development. This is a unique and new idea, you will have to prepare a lot when implementing this idea.

A few guidelines in the new model with chocolate shops:

  • Create suggested chocolate products for self-made customers
  • Hire staff to observe and guide customers when they are embarrassed
  • Sharing information, knowledge can help customers make and mix the appropriate ingredients to create the best chocolate bar.
  • Assist guests with other problems at the store.


Modern people increasingly focus on the quality of food brought into the body, and gradually tend to use vegetables more than meat, fish, eggs, etc. Business of stores with little capital, quick profit, public It’s simple and doesn’t need to promote too much unless you want to expand online or use online business  from the beginning.

The problem of the location you only need one side is 12-16m2, there is no need to be too wide because it will cost the initial investment, should choose the places near high school, high school, university and college or choose Real and high-class places often have many people with knowledge and work (these knowledge people often visit the store to think and plan individuals).

In the layout and design of the store, you should choose bright colors such as green banana, pink, orange, the purpose of using light tones to match the young soul of customers. age “youth”. It is recommended to set aside 1m2 of fresh fruit display to increase customer confidence.

In addition to developing a traditional store, do not forget your online market, a market that is being used by all businesses from big to small to sell products, increase sales. What you need to do is build a reputable brand on the web, carry out advertising campaigns of facebook, e-newspapers, and other media.


At first it was nothing new, but the kind of balloons we do business here is not the usual kind of flying. In these special balloons, we will nest items such as small flowers, a coin, paper jewelry, a beautiful hairpin, or baby toys.

The work is not too difficult, you just need to invest in a air blower and high-strength balloons (because if it is a low-quality type when the cage produces small items, it will easily explode), When there is a means of transportation, choose a store location near the school or places where many teenagers gather. The price of each of these balloons can be sold from USD 10,000-USD 15,000 depending on the inside.


If you have ever seen young people selling newspapers on the road (very developed in Saigon), the business idea by opening a newsstand also comes from here. What you need to do is to link and publish newspapers of 100-150 large newspapers with a variety of different fields (Society, Economy, Life, Women, World, Technology, Culture, Education, medical, … and also need a newspaper of the locality where you live). Area of ​​a newsstand should only be rented from 20-40m2, remember to decorate your space properly and in style.

Part 2: 5 The idea is a business trend

I shared with everyone that part 1 has 60 effective small and large business ideas, now I will share with you 5 more ways of doing business that are being evaluated as current trends, we Let’s see what it is.


This is a business service for intellectuals, both teachers and learners must have the knowledge and language thinking ability to learn, but the business leader of this service may not need to know good language or knowledge of English.

The reason this model is considered an idea of ​​business investment in the future is because of the necessity of English, French, Korean, Japanese … in work and life. When foreign countries are rushing to invest in India to take advantage of low-cost labor, we have inadequate technology and competence, especially foreign exchange and negotiation teams. language.

There will be millions of dollars invested in our country in a few years, if the employees of companies do not know English or other languages, it will be difficult to trade or work with foreign partners. nationally, of course the company’s profits will decline, and eventually bankruptcy.

Then surely everyone will have to go to learn English, and you will be a provider of English and other languages. If possible, you can completely penetrate into other areas such as interpreting, translating documents by building a separate translation office compared to foreign language teaching activities.

The turnover of English teaching now reaches about 3,000,000 USD – 15,000,000 USD / day, even higher depending on the quality of the teaching center. In addition, there are courses to study foreign language certification, language competency test … will also help you earn a lot of money.


The future of the present is to use mobile phones to replace PC computers, not so that the revenue of major computer firms in the world has changed markedly in recent years. Consumers really prefer mobile phones rather than computers.

But what’s inside the phone that people love so much? It’s an app store like messaging, games, chat apps, music apps, entertainment apps, apps that connect people close together, Facebook apps, and especially work apps that make those forgotten PC

But to have those applications, one must have an application production team, and this is our job. India is a country with a large proportion of internet users in the world, so the mobile application market in India is also very fertile, the applications generated can make money from advertising, payment for translation. user case, or simply receive funding from someone.

If a few years ago, website design was supposed to be a lot of money, now application design is arguably the most profitable job except for some other specialized products. One can take advantage of a mobile application and generate 100 million every day, even 1 billion, if the application is internationalized, it can bring Facebook equivalent, hundreds of billions, thousands billions dong.

The nature of the application business is to take advantage of its community, when it gets more and more people interested, the revenue of that mobile app publisher is even higher. So you see a lot of people who invite you to download applications, download games …


The Spa, skin care, body care salons from deep inside, cosmetic art showrooms flourish continuously in recent years. This signals that the beauty market in India is increasing, it will be the investment trend of many people in the future.

You will also earn money from the beauty industry if you invest money and come from basic things like makeup, makeup, and small Spa shops before investing more capital. Remember that when you don’t know what to do, it’s best to test it.


Have you ever heard the words such as: Bau Show, Ong Bau … in radio and television? It is a phrase that refers to business people, advertising many products / services, some people only invest in one field but they operate very widely, doing business with many people.

Typically in the field of entertainment, they are the recipients of projects, music shows, comedy shows, movie shows … and collect money from sponsors, companies and event organizations. They also organize live shows with audiences in all regions, the purpose of which is to sell tickets.

Well-known artists such as Ho Ngoc Ha, Tran Thanh, Ngoc Trinh, Miss Hoa, … before when they were not famous were those who were used by these Show bosses to make money, until they were famous They are more active in their own shows.

Except for a number of national business sectors such as Electricity Business, Water Business, Petroleum Business, Energy Business, etc., the entertainment sector is considered the most profitable, easiest and most lucrative career. long-term future.


You know, in recent years, the media have talked a lot about the problems of dirty food, food with chemicals, unsanitary food, fresh water with flies, fake water … all the facts that is much mentioned by the press, so consumers are very important in the daily use of food.

Choosing a bunch of vegetables, buying 5 ounces of pork, beef, and a few kilograms of seafood is also a problem. Because people do not know what is true, what is fake, so people feel afraid and want to take precautions.

If there is now a food company that can ensure safety for consumers, of course, that food company must be recognized by the authorities, and the business person must be a prestige person Consuming, not for profit, but selling food to users, you will certainly be successful in both money and hope.

So we went through 65 small and big business ideas, including ways to do business online or work at home. Wish you will succeed with one of the above projects. See you in new business ideas  ! Questions left in the comment section of this article, or sent in the QUESTION function section of 100startupideas.com

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