6 Great Characteristics of The Most Successful Big Business Men in The World

What makes a business successful? What makes a business unable to succeed? The founder must be the person who has the most important effect in it.

Today we will discuss 6 features of the world’s most successful business men.


From 1914 to 1956, Thomas J. Watson served as the chairman of the board of directors and CEO of IBM. He was a great success in making IBM IBM today.

During the time of Thomas J. Watson, IBM became a large international company. In 1956 when he died, he was honored to be the greatest salesman in the world.

Although you have seen many movies that tell the story of successful people after only one night. But in the real-world commercial business world, there are absolutely no success stories after such a night.

In the real commercial business world, failure is not only an inevitable but also an important part of success. Failure will help you know what is inappropriate. Only when you know what is inappropriate, can you evaluate and explain what is best for you.

I used to do sunbathing sofa business. The most important thing in this industry is selling to members. It’s like membership with the gym. Every month, customers only need to pay a certain fee to enjoy the unlimited sunbathing times.

Of course, I also sold every single sunbath and I decided to set the selling price of a slightly higher sunbath, to encourage customers to become a member card. The one-time sunbathing price that I offer is $ 15 / time and the membership price is $ 25 / month.

This encourages the trading of membership products (income per month) without having to trade in sun bath products once (disposable income). But what I have not thought about here is that the demand for customers for one-time or short-term sunbathing services is very popular.

Many customers want to sunbathe 2-3 times before taking part in activities, holidays, weddings or prom … For these potential customers, I will show them clearly that they are not groups Key customers, I do not expect to receive these business items.

It is for this reason that I lost a lot of business applications and potential customers in the process of competing with competitors.

But once I became aware of this failure, I adjusted the price of the product, lowering the price of each sunbath to $ 9 / time. Customers who only need short-term sunbathing become an important source of income for me.

 “Do you want me to share with you a little bit about the recipe for success? This is very simple, really, just increase the number of failures. You think failure is the enemy of success. But it’s not like that, in fact. You may be discouraged by failure and can also learn from failure, so just fail, just make as many mistakes as you can. Because you remember that the place of failure is where you can find success “ – Thomas J. Watson

Failure is not an option in the commercial business but it is a necessary requirement.


Steve Jobs, a truant student, was fired from his job while working at Apple. Apple is the company he and his friend Steve Wozniak co-founded.

After being fired, he went on to found another company called Next. This company has not been able to actually take off, it has been bought by Apple.

At the same time, the Apple company he founded with him earlier was in deep danger. Many people in the industry have evaluated and considered Apple a failed start-up.

Appe’s purchase of Next makes Steve Jobs have the opportunity to return to Apple to work and assume the position of CEO. Under the harsh and high pressure of Steve Jobs, Apple has researched and created some of the most representative products so far including Ipod, iPad and Iphone.

Steve Jobs has turned a company on the brink of bankruptcy into one of the most successful and famous companies in the world.

In 2005, during a lecture at Stanford University, Steve Jobs shared some of his thoughts about the fact that Apple was laid off that year:

“At that time, I had not been able to find out, but the incident later proved that being kicked out of Apple was the best thing that happened in my life. The heavy responsibility of successful people is once again replaced gently by entrepreneurs. For anything I am unidentified, this makes me feel very free and help me enter the most creative phase in life. ”


Jeff Bezos was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and lived and grew up with his mother and adoptive father in Houston. After graduating from university, he used to do a lot of different jobs, including the work he worked for a hedge fund organization.

At the age of 30 he became the senior vice president of this hedge fund organization. Then he decided to quit his job and started selling online books.

In July 1994, he founded Amazon to become one of the largest online retail stores in the world. To date, he has become the richest person in the world.

Amazon is the leading pioneer leader in sales estimation. They study and invent a calculation based on the previous shopping situation to predict future shopping trends.

You may like and may not like it, but it has undoubtedly changed the online retail world thoroughly.

 “If you don’t understand the details of your business, you’ll definitely fail” – Jeff Bezos


After Steve Jobs resigned, he chose Tim Cook as the successor to drive the Apple cargo ship.

For Tim Cook, what is success? They are specialized knowledge in the research and invention of Apple products, its form, style and features combine together in a sophisticated and beautiful way. Thereby bring the unique experience of users.

Apple products are known for their careful and careful attention to product design and detail.

 “Apple is the only company that combines hardware, software and services together perfectly to bring a unique experience to customers. You can completely use it in markets that do not exist today “ – Tim Cook

In today’s fiercely competitive world, having expertise in a field will give you greater competitive advantages than your competitors. Let’s face the reality, anyone can research and create a Website and start a sales business.

Undoubtedly, being able to position yourself as an expert in a certain area will greatly enhance your own reliability and at the same time help you become a competent person. right in niche market (Niche Market) facility.


Richard Branson is the founder of Virgin Group with more than 400 subsidiaries, since he was very interested in commercial business.

When he was 16, he founded a successful magazine called “Student”. Later, he went on to found a company that ordered mail records and opened a chain of record stores Virgin Record Stores (later called Virgin Megastores).

His current businesses include: Virgin airline company, Virgin mobile company and a space travel company called Virgin Galactic.

As one of Britain’s richest billionaires, he is known for breaking the limit and stepping out of the inherent mindset model.

 “Too many people in life cannot get good results because they are too afraid to apply the necessary steps to realize their dreams. There are people who express fear during the trial, there are people who don’t even dare to try. Believing they could not be achieved because they were limited. Many people choose to remain true to reality. In the process of growing up, I felt all those pressures and fears but I decided to ignore them rather than subdue them. If I did not ignore those pressures and fears, if I did not dare to risk, I would not be the one I am today “ –Richard Branson

If you want to be successful, you don’t need to become a lost person, you just need to go to work that others don’t want to do.


As Microsoft founder, Bill Gates constantly tops the ranking of the world’s richest people for many years. But even after he founded the world’s largest company, he continued to observe more new opportunities and areas.

Absolutely not become an arrogant and complacent person. In 2017, the Arizona Republic newspaper revealed that Bill Gates purchased more than 100 million square meters of land to build a new smart city.

With designs such as high-speed public wifi, unmanned cars and many other high-tech manufacturing designs, he hopes this smart city will become a model of future city planning. .

Bill Gates is always looking for new ways to bring technology into new markets. The answer that he gave to skeptics that he was arrogant or not was: “If I had a little understanding of the destination, would you think I wouldn’t see it years ago?”

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