5 Big Investments In Life, Did You Invest in The Right Direction?

Some say real estate investment, new shares have a lot of money, but this is not necessarily true. In real life there are many other investment things that are simple and simple but will bring great benefits to you.

Here are the big investments in life that not everyone knows. Did you invest properly?


The biggest investment in life is not a real estate or a stock but a person. Who is the relationship with? Who to follow? Make friends with people like? What is the investment in people?

This is very important, money cannot give you the opportunity, real estate is the only person who gives you the opportunity. When you need help, only people can help you.


Everyone has 24 hours a day, what do we do with those 24 hours? This is our second largest investment. Is it an investment to think about future plans or to invest in Korean movies or to invest in relationships with others?

Of course each investment will bring different effects and profits. Taking your monthly income divided by 30 days, divided by 24 hours we will know the value of our assets on every hour. This is the return of wealth for each of us.


Physical and mental health must be harmonious and unified. Bodies are extremely important things, bringing us to life. Think about it, how could a boat leak water, how could it be able to run fast on the sea?

Healthy spirit is the basis to properly handle the complex world. If there is no rider who knows the direction, how good the boat is will be easy to hit the reef.


Ancient people have sentences, people are afraid to choose the wrong job, especially in the current society, no matter who is afraid of choosing the wrong job or job.

This is the most devastating and wasteful mistake of the time, health and soul that God has given us.

Choosing the right career but not following the right people is also a mistake and only you are the only one who tastes those flavors. Following the right people but choosing the wrong job is a deviation in direction.


Bill Gates in an interview once talked about the smartest decision in his life not to create Microsoft or to do charity work but to find a suitable half to get married.

Warren E. Buffett also once said that the most important decision in his life is to marry anyone, not any investment. Choosing the right mate to live with is not just a choice of a person, but a way to live for a lifetime.


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