46 Easy Ways To Increase Sales (Sales Promotion)

46 ways to increase this revenue can be applied in areas such as fashion, footwear, handbags, jewelry, beauty products, furniture, consumer goods, art products, technology products, and many other industries.


In terms of business thinking, you can flexibly transform 46 solutions to increase this sales in most commodity industries. But to cite the topic, in this article Salary will take for example a product that is fashionable, to share and talk to you to achieve higher efficiency.

This topic Thamus has gathered all the ways to help sales manager (and Marketing) achieve 3 goals: ① Know all promotions (Encourage shopping – Sales Promotion; ② Owning 46 solutions to please customers “to the side”; day Promote sales revenue.

Sales Promotion is the main content of this topic, if translated into Vietnamese, it can be understood that Sales Promotion is an activity to encourage purchase, directly (indirectly) increase sales, support Marketing to achieve brand objectives, including 2 main contents:

Encourage buying (consumers, simply speaking, they can understand that they are single customers buying products); Khich Promotion of sale (we encourage sellers, ie retailers, wholesalers, distributors, they also have the expertise to buy our products, so our encouragement is also dynamic. to distributors to increase sales revenue).

So we understand each other that: 46 solutions to encourage centralized purchase of 2 objects: Consumers; and agents, wholesalers, wholesalers, retail stores (collectively referred to as distributors). And the two words “Sell”, “Buy” in this topic only work to encourage purchases, if Thamus only writes the words “Buy” or “Sell” then you see that is the meaning of “Buy” .


To understand each solution to promote sales, and effectively manage your product promotion campaign, Thamus will allocate 46 ways to encourage purchases into 12 large groups, each numbered in capital letters.

GROUP A, Increase sales through sale pricing

1, Promote buying with an equal price in the store, or on the entire website

For example: You apply a price of USD 10,000 for all dresses, shirts, pants, scarves, fashion accessories.

2, Increase sales by a specific selling price policy

For example: 1 Set of items sold together only sells for 250,000 USD.

3, encourage buying with a “buy enough” campaign

In case the customer has purchased a sufficient amount of goods, or the full payment amount and exceeds a certain threshold. You can give customers an additional 1, 2 or more products (may be the same product purchased, may be different). If you do not give the product, you reduce the money when the customer pays enough.

GROUP B, Institute previous case, increase sales

4, Increase sales revenue by Selling point

Selling point refers to the Vietnamese products, its inherent capabilities. You carry selling points compared to the previous product case, when customers realize that your product has a lot of features that they should trust, they will make a buying decision.

5, Promote purchases based on product characteristics

For customers to try and combine advice, promotion of sales staff stimulates customers’ purchase needs. Insurance companies, they make good use of this promotion policy. Or for some high-end watch / mobile brands, they allow customers to try it for a certain amount of time.

6, Increase sales by effective comparison

Compare benefits, values ​​received before and after the trial. Normally, if your product has passed many of the critical eye assessments of professionals, it is difficult for customers to refuse after comparing results.

7, Use new products to promote sale

Can discount 5% for new products. Because new products have a certain attraction in stimulating demand for goods. If you are in the habit of looking at the side of the road during the street trip, you will see some fashion stores or write the words “New goods”, this is a move to promote other buying behavior .

GROUP C, Add value to increase sales revenue

8, Promote purchase by service value

For example: Change old to get new goods, support customers to design interior space (trade in furniture products), guide enthusiastically how to wash clothes for each type of clothing material.

9, Increase online sales, offline by story

On Thamus’s Blog and Facebook, sometimes you see Thamus writing some stories, it’s short, and the story is able to change the atmosphere, helping you get excited about studying business ideas.

For a similar business product, conveying a story / message has great significance in increasing the ability to make purchasing decisions. Especially in the culinary field, in order to increase the revenue for the restaurant, the boss (mistress) always tries to pass on human values ​​or one thing to the culinary users, to each different restaurant if you find out you will see another story.

10, Sales have “warranty”

If you buy 1 Smart Phone in Mobile World, they make product warranty policy in accordance with legal regulations for you. But if you buy an old phone outside the store, don’t be sure you will be covered by the phone owner.

The guarantee of the seller can directly affect the purchase decision. They think they won’t regret buying your product.

11, Word of mouth

You can pay commissions or give products to customers who have helped promote the product, or they just need to appreciate the product before others, they will also receive valuable merit.

On Facebook, sometimes you will see some Status of fashion sellers, but turn on Live Stream and ask questions: If anyone guesses to win 2 Seri numbers of USD 500,000, they will give the customer this money. In fact, this is a Pr promotion to promote fashion sales, the more people guess 2 numbers, the number of potential customers increases dramatically.

12, Order ranking

If you do business online, you can apply the ranking of the most purchased product orders.

13, Promote purchases by leveraging the brand

Use brand advertising words to sell.

GROUP D, Promote purchases by mutual benefits

14, Free trial

Free trial use for potential distributors, free sample orders

15, Benefit sharing with distributors

If the distributor buys enough, we reduce the payment or give 1-2 more packages.

16, Encourage shopping with discounted orders

If customers include multiple orders, or many customers agree to buy all of them together, you can reduce the price for guests.

GROUP E, Solution to increase revenue and profit by anniversary campaign

17, Increase sales service sales in the holidays

Reducing selling prices and offering products to boost purchases during holidays such as October 20, February 14, Mid-Autumn Festival.

18, Promote membership-oriented purchases

As the member’s participation date, the date of establishment of the association, the day the customer reaches the purchase amount in accordance with the sales policy, the date the customer is entitled to special care

19, Encourage shopping by anniversary

Customer’s birthday, customer birthday, the anniversary of the store establishment (shop online).

20, Encouraging periodic purchases

Twice a week, 8 times a month organize discounts and depots. In large supermarkets they regularly apply this campaign by day, by week.

GROUP G, Increase store revenue, shop goods with bonuses

21, Promotions in the form of rewards

Buy reward items, lucky customers receive prizes

22, Interactive promotions

Collectibles how many brands receive rewards, sign how many times to the gift shop.

23, Coupon

Coupon using services in stores, companies, online shops, discount coupons, cash receipts.

GROUP H, Using support – Plan to increase sales revenue for retail stores, wholesalers, and online shops

24, Use the news to promote sales

Example: Suppose there is a growth in the number of Vietnamese people using Thai goods, news of the booming level of agricultural products is green, the number of people who prefer clothing directly to the garment increases. than.

25, Make use of actors, singers, stars to promote sales

For example, Son Tung went to Adidas’ shoes in the “Lac Troi” MV.

26, Support from brand partners, Agency, Marketing companies

The Agency owns companies that promote brand image effectively, one of which can cover up to 1,000 potential customers, 10,000 or more customers.

GROUP I, Encourage buying with a critical point

27, Promotion to the top

You apply the lowest price, service fee in the market area, or the lowest online website system.

28, how much is the discount (the total payment / discount)?

The lowest discount is 3%, 1.5% higher than the market; Or the lowest commission from USD 2,000,000 or more.

29, Best Promotions: Highest

We tell our customers: The highest price is only 70% of the market price; High prices are only up to USD 3,560,000.

GROUP K, Other forms of sale / purchase promotion

30, Promotion campaign is waiting, expect

Do not mention selling prices or some other information, causing customers to guess prices.

31, Encourage buying in the form of anti-purchase incentives

This form is the form that creates conflict for the purpose of the boss. For example, only selling at high prices, or keeping prices unchanged from the market.

32, Ways to increase sales through online, offline news events

Bkav announced the launch date of Bphone phone products.

33, Poor Marketing Strategy

Just put 1 sales agent to 1 province, just open a single website for a large number of online customers, encourage the desire within customers, force them to compete to own the product.

Making customers wait for the price reduction and discharge of our brand, creating a sense of deprivation.

34, Promotion is vague

Suddenly lower prices even though products are selling at high prices; Give customers gifts without reason.

35, Create conflicts with the common vision of customers

Each iPhone version is set with different lines and colors, unlike many popular products on the market. For fashion, there are a number of designs that you don’t like, even you are very fashionable, but in the eyes of the upper class customers, they hunt for search but the number is very high. limited.

GROUP L, Encourage purchasing with Nomenclature

36, Promotion is creative, pioneering

Online shopping holidays, discounts for customers do not like the product / business / boss success story.

37, Improve sales revenue with a thematic campaign

Chi grace and gift of customers have accompanied the company / shop for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year.

38, Promotion is community

For example, a private university understands the plight of a group of students, so the school decides to reduce the tuition fees for students in a form appropriate to the law. 1 The book of discounted books for books with social ethics, any order will also be reduced by 2% for orders containing this book.

39, Solutions to increase retail sales and wholesale by coordinated promotional campaigns

On an e-commerce website, you want to buy A’s skirt at the price of 250k, and you just leave it, you continue to search for a shirt that costs 450k to match with your skirt.

After a search, you finally found the shirt in booth B, but if you mix the skirt and skirt, it’s great. But you only have 600k for the purchase of this clothes, if compared to the total amount of 250k + 350k = 700k, you are missing 100k.

If at the right time the e-commerce website offers a promotion of 100k discount for the application on 590k, then you can absolutely buy both skirts, skirts and skirts. Better right?

40, Promote purchases with combined campaigns

Sell ​​shoes + shoe polish + shoe brush; Sell ​​toothpaste + toothbrush + mouthwash; writing notebooks & textbooks; English listening course + English grammar.

M GROUP, Buy time-based shopping

41, Discharge warehouse selling “clean green gourd”

Sell ​​inventory completely at the end of summer, late winter, off-season.

42, Organize promotions on seasonal occasions

Discounts in the middle of summer, giving lovers gifts on the February 14 holiday season

GROUP N, Increase sales revenue by limiting, creating boundaries

43, Time limit

The gift giving time only lasts for 5 days from the time the courier company authenticates the customer has received the parcel of goods; Time for gift vouchers lasts for 10 days from the first week after the Lunar New Year holiday

44, Quantity limit

The amount of product sold is very small, or each customer can only buy 1 product. For example, high-class super cars, they only produce a few cars a year, but the price is very expensive.

45, Only one product to sell

Selling only 1 product is a unique PR activity that serves as a basis for other products in large quantities.

Example: You have a jeweler shop, on a beautiful day you own a gem, in the world there are only 2 tablets and you want to sell it to the market. This activity will attract thousands, millions of people interested in your gold and silver store.

46, Decrease in order

On the first day, you will sell 10 beautiful bracelets for USD 12,000,000; on the second day, the number in your inventory is only 5, you will reduce the price to USD 9,000,000; By the 3rd day, there is only 1 shake left in your warehouse, and you sell it for USD 6,000,000.

Thamus has just shared with you the topic of 46 ways to increase sales revenue and consumption of goods. The content of this topic Thamus summed up all contents on encouraging and promoting purchases, organizing promotions. You can apply at any time of the year, including weekdays, holidays, Tet, holidays, weekends.

Good Luck

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