30 Great Online Business Websites In The World

Referring to successful business websites, people often think of Amazon, ebay … E-commerce development, online business growing.

There are many successful online business Web. Today, we will jointly list some of the most successful online business websites in the world.


This is Europe’s fifth largest traffic online market. With more than 12 million registered users. The target market is mainly Eastern Europe. This is also the largest e-commerce forum in Poland, accounting for nearly 80% of the Polish e-commerce market share.

As one of the fastest growing e-commerce forums in Europe, it is favored by many traders in the Eastern European market.


The largest online forum for the region of Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. Every day there are more than 1 million visitors, more than 6.5 million active users.

The most outstanding online business Web in the region, even more than Amazon. Favored and trusted by many Dutch consumers.


The largest e-commerce forum in the French region. According to sources, Cdiscount’s sales last year were 65 billion euros, behind only England.

Having foreign warehousing services saves most of the time in the process of transporting goods and serving customers.


Founded in 1873, is a fashion e-commerce website and high-end home appliances in France. Each month, there are more than 9.2 million visitors. The famous e-commerce forum in France.


Coming from France to sell in the majority of Europe. FNAC is one of the great opportunities that anyone wants to do business in the Euro area. At first, only the participation of retail e-commerce stores. To date, it has expanded into markets of fashion, sports and household goods.


The second largest e-commerce website in France. Each month there are more than 9 million hits. Is the business under the obstruction of Rakuten.


This is also the e-commerce website of France, specializing in trading fashion and shoes of all kinds. Starting footwear business since 2006, after 2013 began to expand into the fashion market.


Is the 3rd largest online trade forum in the UK just after Amazon and Ebay. All retail stores can promote their brands on Rakuten’s Play.com store. The first e-commerce forum to provide self-defined storefronts for retail businesses.


The UK’s largest grocery retail business. There is a large customer base. Since 2012 TESCO started an online business, Tesco e-commerce forum has grown rapidly. Currently competing with e-commerce forums such as Amazone, Ebay, Rakuten …


As an international online market of Finland, it strongly encourages international trading business. Although the year 2010 has just begun to grow extremely business. Can be automatically transformed into indigenous cultural products (language, currency, VAT …)


In 2008 Zalando is still an unattractive online business forum in Berlin. But this has grown to become the largest retail fashion enterprise in Europe. If you are a fashion retail business that aims to be a German consumer, then you must be concerned about Zalando.


One of the most important Web portal in Russia. It is also one of the websites with the largest number of users in Russia. The market share of Yandex’s search engine in Russia has surpassed Google.


The second largest e-commerce forum in the US. Large traffic. Each month there are about 80 million visitors.


Is an e-commerce forum online auction in the US. There is a big difference with other e-commerce websites. The vast majority of Tophatter’s orders are sold by auction. Buyers will compete with each other. Who buys at a high price that person successfully bid.


This is an online shopping forum and also a famous brand trading forum in the US.


Is a famous e-commerce forum in the US. Has strong user cohesion. Pet products, home appliances, cosmetics, and electronics are the most popular items on this business forum. Items with an average price of 10-30 dollars are the best-selling items.


The predecessor of Buy.com is part of all the global e-commerce forums of Rakuten. Rakuten.com is considered the leading fixed-price e-commerce forum in the US. Attracting many customers. The majority of customers are from 25-54 years old. The ratio of men and women is 50: 50.


The largest global retailer of household and electronics products. In 2017, BestBuy ranked No. 72 in the ranking of the 500 most powerful businesses in the United States.


It is the Latin American regional e-commerce forum, covering 18 South American countries. These include: Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina … The first quarter of 2017 completed the sales revenue of 230 million US dollars. 30% growth over the same period.


Trademe is New Zealand’s largest e-commerce forum, equivalent to Taobao. Nationwide leader in the online automotive business, real estate news classification, online hotel booking … accounts for 70% of the total domestic website traffic in New Zealand.


Alibaba Group is China’s most famous e-commerce company. Build a global retail wholesale forum that is excellent through the internet. Helping large, medium and small businesses can sell their products here. Similar to Ebay of America.

Alibaba aims to become an adept business with B2B models in China. It is also a well-known brand in global B2B e-commerce businesses.

As the world’s largest online trading and trading market, the number of registered members of Alibaba (including paid and unpaid) surpassed 6.17 million. Is the most global B2B Website voted by Forb magazine for 5 consecutive years.


Is China’s largest online personal trading forum. Since its founding on May 10, 2003, within two short years, Taobao has quickly become the No. 1 position in the domestic market. Accounting for about 70% of China’s online business market share. Making development achievements for online businesses. Currently, Taobao has become the first choice of more and more netizens.

23, QOO10

One of the biggest features of Qoo10 is its wide business scope, covering many countries. Has operated 7 shopping websites in 5 countries including Japan and Singapore. It is still expanding and developing to other Asian countries and regions.


The largest e-commerce website in Southeast Asia. Including countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam …


The largest e-commerce forum in Southeast Asia and Taiwan.


India’s largest e-commerce website.

27, SOUP

The largest e-commerce forum in the Middle East.


Is the largest B2C e-commerce forum in Pakistan.


Is the African e-commerce forum. Founded by Chinese in July 2014 in Kenya.


Is the first e-commerce company in Nigeria.

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