26 Online Businesses Earn One Million Per Day

This article is a research project on  online business,  ways to  make money online  or rather apply information technology to business. You will read 100% internet application ideas, and there are also models that will coordinate both the internet and many other stages. 

In every idea, I will write for people how to sell and how to sell their own products / services. After learning these 35 models, if you still have business problems, email me: [email protected]

First you need to read the 9 principles of this online investment first. It will be inventory throughout your business life, even in traditional business can also apply.

1st, set goals, goals for profit, time, resources …

2nd, use time to measure the success of your plan

3rd, A certain amount of money, you need to have a business capital, you must know how much money you will have for a long way.

4th, Staff, if you have enough money to hire people, then you have to ensure this: Success = Group reasoning + Professional skills + Personal personality.

5th, Products / Services need a new Value + Element

6th, Advertising is not a way to make a profit, but a way to sell online

7th, Learning other people’s work experience online will be better when doing it on your own

8th, The nature of online sales and traditional sales is no different, still the career of conquering customers.

9th, There is a plan to estimate risks.


3-4 years ago, I saw a piece of reportage broadcast on television, working on a retired old doctor but still diligently advising patients about health information through the internet, I was quite surprised and admire that action.

But then 1 year of health counseling services began to spread and was applied by many medical facilities, if the patient felt the need to go to the clinic, he could go to the clinic of the counselor himself, so the clinic staff will not take counseling money but only take money when the patient arrives at their facility.

But we do not, because you do not have much medical knowledge, what you need to do is to set up an online medical service counseling center, you will have to complete business procedures. Business with this special industry, continue to hire a qualified staff. If you do not have a lot of money, hire 2 people, after that the business is good, you can hire 5-8 more people.

You will have to invest in a system of computers, audio recorders and necessary medical devices, and register a bank account for customers to transfer money to you they want advice on health services, In short, your consulting center will operate as a company with legal registration, except that you receive money from customers through online counseling, while the clinics collect money immediately at the medical facility. .


Regarding services, it is difficult for you to sell on the street, in the market in the modern technology market like this day, before when services such as music services by groups, circus performances, Money lending service … if you want to have customers, the service provider must go on the street saying that their schedule, their schedule will take place a few days, at which time of the day so that people can know Watch shows and work with them.

But today people cannot use such traditional methods because of very slow performance. Now is the age of technology, the internet, so you have to apply online marketing communication, moreover this profession is a money-making profession online, so you have to use the internet in selling services.

In the early stages of business, you need to hire at least 2 good people and 3 average marketing employees, the goal is to make good people navigate your marketing strategy, and ordinary people will implement the plan. of good people, you have to remember that Marketing Department is the key room of service profession, whether they create value for themselves or not is based on your ability to choose people.

After having good employees, the next thing you have to invest in an infrastructure system to serve marketers such as customer management software, customer analysis tools, machines for research work for them.

For the best online health consulting service, you run ads, and combine SEO as well as develop website and Fan page content to reach many customers. The old advertising strategy is still a good way to apply although you will have to pay a fee for intermediaries to carry out online advertising, but the amount is not worth much compared to the return from consulting.


You need to take care of and advise them rightly as a “God”, because they will not want to come back when you treat customers badly, they do not like the attitude of being here or wanting to eat money they, instead of taking good care of you, will receive a lot of great deals from customers, namely:

Customers will replace you to tell your relatives, neighbors, acquaintances to go to your advice website to hear your golden words, of course, how many people want health advice, you will receive that amount.

Service profession has one characteristic that no one denies, Prestige determines 90% success. There are many people who come to the health care facility but see the doctor’s cranky, irritable attitude, they do not want to go back to that place anymore, but you are just a business unit of small health consulting services in early stage.

In the field of health, you need to be assured by your beliefs, please do so through your sales policy so that customers can return to the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th time.


India we have a separate policy for gender companies, this type of business is entitled to commissions, the remuneration from the leads between buyers and buyers to each other, they will enjoy many other incentives when meeting meet the needs of both parties.

In a modern society, when people buy houses and land, they don’t have time to learn by themselves, they will rely on intermediaries on behalf of them to find houses, of course they pay for the other gender.

However, gender parity also faces certain difficulties such as contract risk, for example, one of the two trading partners plans to take you down, or encounter dull, unlawful contracts, thus, the gender model may encounter unexpected problems.

The gender model is an intermediary that helps the two parties agree on the transaction and succeeds, so you must simultaneously satisfy those 2 partners, the ultimate goal is to help the contract be signed to receive remuneration for yourself.

This is a profession that is almost done online in the information technology era like this, you may have to go to meet customers in a certain cafe but the work will mostly be done via the internet, when guests The goods are satisfied with the house, the apartment, the land, you meet the partner to trade.

Naturally, this business needs a lot to your persuasion, communication and soft skills as well as employees. However, there is only one difficulty point like that, when you have made customers trust, at that time you want to sell anything, how much money you can earn. Clearly remember this point, if you pass the customer conviction step, you will have money.


In the general market, not only is there a real estate business, there are many other jobs taking place, such as buying and selling seedlings, breeds, industrial machinery, computer software, and applications. use the phone …

In short, real estate, housing, apartments, apartments are just one of the areas where gender is emerging. You can completely invest companies in the areas you just said.

The gender model will accumulate a lot of relationships, those relationships will help you develop more business and investment opportunities later on, you may find better opportunities for gender and turn around. the help of someone who was originally your customer before.


This occupation is quite close to the occupation but this job is the profession that you will sell, not the intermediary, ie you will be the partner to communicate with your customers to rent the apartment. Our population of India is currently nearly 100 million people, many people focus on big cities Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi to do business, they need an apartment to stay in the long term or short but they don’t have enough money to buy themselves a room like that, so they will rent.

In the last few years social housing has been supported by the state to build rental costs for the people, the demand of consumers in this segment is very large, that fact clearly demonstrates the housing market as well as for Very large rental housing, there is a price like how.

You will be in the role of a rental house business, you are an employee of real estate companies, of un-built apartment buildings, which have been or are being built to persuade customers to rent in the house You lease, of course you will receive money from each customer like that.>>   Being an agent does not need capital – choose the product, which product has good interest

All you do in this task is marketing, referring and selling online, remember to take pictures of the corners, then post on the website or website to reach customers, if the buyer If you like the price, the convenient location of their work as well as the design of the space suitable for consumer tastes, customers will contact you via email, phone number, or any other method, even Releases are direct contacts to your company.

When stepping up to rent apartments, you must always remember that you will work for many companies, not one business, each company will have different housing apartments, and when diverse sources Products to customers will be very beneficial for sellers like us.

Today, the rental of apartments will have to be done on the internet to be effective because its coverage is very wide, moreover if you want to focus on introducing apartments in a certain area ( For example, selling in Hanoi only, there are many tools to help you do that, for example, Facebook ads allow you to limit the area to save costs and increase the level of success.

Or, website SEO tools also help us do that, which is the advantage that direct markings are difficult to do because you don’t have enough manpower and money goes to every house only for the purpose of introducing His apartment for people.

With my personal assessment of the real estate market, the residential housing market in India’s big cities is inevitable, followed by the residential housing segment in rural areas and tourist areas, for example. Thailand, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Agra, Delhi … So I write this business idea   for you.

However it is not an easy business plan, because its competitiveness is strong because of its high profitability, many people will jump into the industry, and create a difficult market in the future, you will must try hard in their marketing strategy.


Each product / service will have a different marketing approach, for apartment rental services like this, you need to focus on design and price. Because there is not much money to buy apartments, customers have to rent, so they are very interested in the price of the apartment; You will have to pay attention to the design of the house, if it meets the trend of fashion and consumer tastes, the apartment will rent very quickly, but bad design, not popular it will make the situation worse. sales stagnated.


In India, nowadays, a commercial website system makes it easier for us to do business, you will create a website or take advantage of other people’s websites, then post products on it, but before selling you have to have the goods Now, you will have to import goods from another e-commerce website or from cheaper sources, when you sell goods, the difference will be yours, but you may have to pay the e-commerce website or communication partner 1 fee depending on the policy that the account participates.


Those who do not have the capital or have little money often invest in business in this way, if each order they earn about INR 40,000-INR 80,000, then they only need to sell 10 products per day and earn INR 400,000-INR 800,000 However, not all products have a high interest rate, you may only earn INR 20,000 -30,000, it depends on the website you choose to sell, or you have to own a website of my own with a high quality customer access.

Another way that people do is advertise products on the internet through Facebook, search engines, forums, online newspapers … All sales stages will be online and online, but there is one stage. If you have to deliver the product, you can’t be virtual. Saying that, you probably don’t understand it very well, then we will make it clearer how to do it, the product we take for example is easy to understand. is functional food.

10. How to earn

There are many ways to sell goods, such as the ways I mentioned in the article:  20 Effective ways to reach customers . But effective ways to do business online will include:


Once you have the product in hand, you can take a picture of the details about it, then write the content about the uses, features, quality, usage and advantages and disadvantages of the product. there. You will then post the content, images on the web to advertise on Facebook, search engines, e-newspaper sites, forums, other social networks … on those sites there is a huge amount of people. Go to search for information, if your product is advertised in time they want to buy it, they will definitely order your product.

This means that you have to choose the partner to implement the campaign that best suits your product, such as selling functional foods that you advertise that product on the furniture forum, 2 This field really does not have any relationship with each other, but you must post on health forums, health forums, medical consultation forums, or further, parent forums. .

You must also determine the geographic location of the consumer. When trading anything including expensive or inexpensive products, keep in mind that we are looking for target customers, not widespread ads, so you only have to pay for it. only

Determining when the advertising time frame is, most of the advertising service providers give their customers the choice of time frame to implement the campaign to be more effective.


E-commerce website is a website with full registration of legal documents to operate, the object of legal responsibility must be an organization, ie a company, a business organization, a cooperation Commune, … On the website they sell a lot of products (services) in different fields, such as Supplies Price, A Here Qua, Lazada … to maintain and develop a website like this need a lot of money, INR 10 billion and more than INR 100 billion.

In addition, you will have to set up a payment system, a freight system as well as many purchasing policies to ensure the rights and confidentiality for both sellers and buyers.

Because it takes so much money to implement it, you are a newcomer who is not experienced enough to do these things, when you are strong enough in both money and substance, you can email me to ask, I will answer you deeper.


These are much easier than making e-commerce websites. Individuals who are citizens can also register their own sales website with the Ministry of Industry and Trade to carry out business, if your item must meet certain conditions, then you must complete the legal requirements. That reason before starting to develop sales website.

When you have made a website for sales, the best way to maintain is to make content and optimize that website, it is not too difficult, you can completely do it yourself, in the step of making a website, you should hire 1 acquaintances they designed, quite quickly.


Each product has a different marketing approach, such as functional foods, usually people focus on exploiting its use and safety, ie they develop products. In terms of distribution, functional foods are often sold at drugstores, hospitals, or as a company that distributes pharmaceuticals, functional foods for wholesale and wholesale.

Or furniture, people will focus on two marketing factors are: Product (design, design) and price, because people who buy furniture often pay more attention to these two characteristics. If the model is beautiful but the price is expensive, they will buy another product as beautiful as the other material, or if the model is too bad it is not commensurate with their home space.

Electronic technology marketing, people focus on durability and tendency, such as a TV for example, recently around 2010 only a lot of houses still use glass screen TVs, but now all people use special material screens and look very sharp.

If you tell more about Marketing for each field of business, this article is endless, what is your product, what do you do, but are still wondering about the market development and marketing, every email message to you, I will answer for you.

15. RISK

There are many risks that will occur when you trade in the online market such as bad competitors, social events that adversely affect the industry in general and your products in particular (eg Smartphone is said to be a smart phone, but there are also people worried about its safety, even there are many people who unlock and steal users’ data inside that Smart Phone, especially the former. In a country, that is why the governments of all countries will have orders to produce their own phones for each national leader.

This fourth business model I wrote is too long, but maybe I have to write so that it is enough for people to study more deeply, now we will go to the fifth idea.


It’s your own advertising network, when you create it you will collect money from businesses and individuals (who want to advertise products through your advertising network).

This idea is not very feasible, but I still mention here, there are many advertising networks in India that operate in this way and successfully collect a lot of money and reputation for the company.


This is a newly developed online business in India, if investors understand what customer needs are, what customers really want to learn online, then make marketing plans to reach customers basically. then surely you will succeed.

Because it is a new job, so the winning rate in this strategy is very high, it may fail but your online course is really good, no one will leave you, they will recommend friends and relatives Their registration to participate in the course you offer.>>   1 item is the trend in modern society

Currently English courses, Yoga courses, information technology courses, math courses … are opening up with investment in content quality as well as quite profound technology, ie you also will have to invest a lot in the teaching plan, otherwise you will be excluded from the market.

Internet education is simply teaching through the virtual world, requiring you to have the skills that everyone else wants to learn, that skill must be good, not simple and normal. Because if you only teach people normal things, they will be able to read or surf the web.

For example, when we teach guitar (guitar), you don’t just know how to play 5-10 songs, you have to understand the music, you need to understand how to play the art, people call it skill “Pro “. The cost of a course is collected by week, month or by course, requires bank transfer.


There are many courses opened, moreover they are organizations, famous companies, how do you compete with them?

In fact and the theory finds that, when people train with too large numbers, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of each student, their lesson plan may be repeated many times. But you are an individual, you only receive and train courses in limited quantities, so you can focus on content research and develop it to provide students.

If the learner feels that the knowledge you teach is always improved and more radical than the reputable organization, they will follow you, not those institutions. When society has so many difficulties, business people often think of ways to optimize profits without spending much money and effort. Contrary to that, customers want to receive more valuable knowledge and only have to spend 1 small amount.

Those businesses cannot really exist, but customers can still live and use more than other services. It means that you will have to invest in quality, at the same time optimizing tuition to support students, doing that is sure you will get more customers and more pocket money.

Taking an example of this, Organization A sells the basic application programming course worth 8,000,000 INR, they plan to open 3 classes, each class 20 people, teach the curriculum within 3 months, This is the total amount of money they earn: INR 480,000,000, which is 3-month revenue with 3 classes, each class 20 people, excluding the refund of tuition fees; And you will open 2 courses of Basic Application Programming course worth 7,000,000 INR in 2 months (because you have improved the curriculum, brought creativity into the lecture and reduced the old theory), many students Seeing that you teach cheap prices but only study for 2 months and more content than organizations A), so there are 40 people registered for the course, so the total revenue in 2 months is: 560,000. 000 INR, more than organization A: 560 million -480 million = 80 million INR. Obviously you do better than the A 80 million organization,

Please read it carefully, which contains business tricks to help you do better than your opponent even if you are new to the profession.


An indispensable world of internet, information technology will definitely turn learning from tradition into online teaching. Perhaps, that is the inevitable trend. In some countries such as the US, France, England … are emerging the trend of practicing skills through online videos.


In fact, selling jewelry in the middle segment is still considered a small business with little capital. Initial money is about INR 50 million-INR 70 million. Interests can range from 15% -40% of the price of each jewelry, assuming the bracelet is made of gemstones priced at INR 700,000, then the interest will be around INR 105,000- INR 280,000.

Cargo and shipping issues you will have to hire people to do. Your job is to order a fanpage or website to sell jewelry, you will have to have detailed pictures of products to introduce to customers, in order to do that you can ask for a photo book of the house. wholesale or wholesale business, if they do not have, you will have to take self-shooting. The image of the product in the jewelry business, decoration is very important because of the art, because of the trend and especially the clarification of the sample when selling to customers, it is the basis for you to compare when the customer counter luster of real products with errors or lack of refinement.


Ladies and gentlemen, women often use medium-sized jewelry like this, so approaching them may have to post products on reputable websites, such as women’s newspapers, Webtretho, Bao Gia Dinh, … You remember having to agree and sign contracts with those agencies.

If you do not want to lose money for them, you must build a webstie or fanpage for jewelry business. You must always remember that providing useful information is the key to success.


If it is just a normal ceramic product, the selling price may be low, possibly high. But with the types of ceramic pots clawed on feng shui elements, there is always a special price, which is usually higher than a normal ceramic vase.

Selling this product online, mainly we sell art, you will have to describe in detail in pictures and words for players to decorate. You must remember that this is a picky item, if you do not know anything about feng shui as well as design, you should not do business.


Those who have conditions, have money, and have material surplus, they think about playing an ancient vase and a feng shui vase. So the price factor is not the problem, but the key is the material, the nature of the product, how you serve, communicate and persuade them to buy.

For feng shui ceramic products, it is an item that shows the face of the player, customers will choose reputable places to buy. If you build a truly quality website, make sure people buy your product.

A quality website is good about Content, product, image, its optimization with search engines and consumers.


This idea has many risks but it still works on the Internet so I just mentioned here, my advice is to temporarily invest in this model. It is not a way to trade about a specific product. It is simply that you buy something virtual on the stock exchange, wait for high prices to sell and deviate.


As we chat, chat with customers who have psychological problems such as mental crisis, loneliness in life, deadlock before many problems … It is also the story that you must learn to take Make the best solution for your employer.

When you make them balance their lives, when you help them get comfortable and get back to life, that’s when you succeed and deserve money from them.


To make marketing selling goods for this service is indeed vague, but according to my assessment, creating good and thrilling stories, attracting the attention of many people will attract customers.

For example, a story titled:  “Surprise about how to behave as the whole family is happy for her 20-year-old daughter-in-law “. When reading this title, viewers will see why the 20-year-old is married, so young can make her mother-in-law convinced, and even make the whole family happy.

Such stories when posted on your website, if written in real style, will surely win the trust of customers. They will use your psychological counseling service.

Okay, today I will stop writing the article  26 How to do online business part 1  here, see you in the following articles. Questions about experience in the comment section or email to: [email protected]

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