23 Experience of Making Money To Get Rich

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1. Proper understanding of compound interest: Most rich people do not rely on compound interest to be as valuable as they are today, they rely on high income, business or investing in other things to get rich but not rely on compound interest.

2. The best investment objectives: intelligence, knowledge, ability and health.

3. The best way to manage your finances: being your own business owner, becoming the most successful person in this industry income will naturally appear, all relationships will proactively approach friend.

4. Small businesses do not buy stocks: waste money, time, energy, emotions and many other important opportunities.

5. If you do not participate in the stock market: please do not buy stocks, buy index funds and keep them for a long time, at least 8 years (more than 1 billion can buy stock High quality private part).

6. Do not participate in such types as high-interest loans, high-interest loans, surprisingly high-return investments.

7. Do not put your assets and debts into real estate, taking into account reasonable asset allocation.

8. The higher the profit, the greater the risk: all high-income types without risk impose a huge tax.

9. The most important indicator for investment and financial management is neither income nor risk, but the ratio between profit and risk, 3: 1 is a reasonable ratio. That means earning 3 dong if the risk only takes 1 dong or is risky and 1 dong can earn 3 dong.

10. Don’t imagine the day when you will be rich overnight to avoid being cheated, enchanted and delusional. Do your job well, accumulate day by day, you will become rich. That’s the way you are going.

11. Financial management is a long process and financial management is at risk. If you do not manage your finances, you must bear the risk of a devalued currency.

12. Between the ages of 20-25, try your best to invest in initial accumulation, after 35 years striving to achieve financial freedom through financial management and work success .

13. Interests can make money, can turn your income from 1 to millions of VND.

14. Avoid investing all the money you have, lucky success is happy but failure will return to zero.

15. Reasonable spending is how to make money, when you can adjust your purchases easily is also the time you can start effective financial management.

16. Good memory is not equal to taking notes, learning how to take notes can limit the level of shopping and estimated spending, so you have succeeded in a third.

17. The first thing in monthly salary is to send fixed money to a small savings, then consider spending.

18. When there is no savings account, there is no need to think immediately about saving. After accumulation, you can find out about Class A funds, banks and an Internet financial agency, low risk of high profits.

19. P2P is not a wolf nor is it sheep, risk and profit coexist. Less than 5% of profit is not necessary to invest, 7-15% of profits consider whether to invest, 15% or more profit should be invested carefully.

20. RETIS real estate has a low risk of high profits, convertible bond funds buy and sell, both are good financial products.

21. Financial management is to serve life, not to let money lie in one place.

22. Finding your partner must find good people, marriage is the richest thing in life.

23. If you are not lucky, do not pursue the dream of becoming rich after a night. Under the sun, nothing is new, working hard, managing finance seriously, stabilizing life, having a house with a car, financial freedom, getting all of the above is just problem time.


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