100 Business Experience For Entrepreneurs To Make Money

Share the start-up experience from empty hands  to help young people be more surprised and successful on the way to  learn how to get rich . Here are  100 business experiences for startups that I’ve rearranged. Hopefully, these valuable experiences will help you more on your career path.

1, There was a billionaire who once said: “Swimming every morning (adding positive energy) is one of the   important wealth secrets that make him a billionaire.” Adding positive energy during swimming helps us to keep the peak state. 
2.  Those successful business startups  are: building a habit of “immediate action”. After emotion is action. Fewer than no, working late is more than not doing. 
3.  How to get rich : first create a habit of mobilizing and getting up early. Movement helps stimulate the attraction that makes people look more confident. 
4.  What does successful business do? Just knowing is not enough, the most important thing is to constantly train, forging is education, training is practice. 
5. Schools never teach you two things, one is love, the school doesn’t teach you how to find a good husband or wife. The second is not to teach you how to integrate into society. The school taught you how to pursue money means crime, people die for money, birds die for bait. Money wealth is the source of all evil.

6. The difference between successful and failed people is in managing and using time.

7. You can dominate your destiny! Lower your determination to demand the life you want. Clarifying the purpose of life, you need to have your own dreams.

8. Learn  how to do business  because business is the most earned job in the world. 
9.  What should the start of a business start?  The person who wants to succeed must have three things: self, money and bravery.

10.  Career experience : Life does not depend on the opportunity but depends and the decision. Life destiny is often determined by your choice in an instant.


11.  The secret of getting rich  is sustainable development, very expensive training but not more expensive to train. 
12. There are three important ways to change destiny, one of which is to choose a good teacher.

13. The secret to success is to always keep a heart of gratitude.

14. How to systematically apply potential consciousness? Use the hypnosis method of Marshall Sylver. 
15.  The key to success in that business is: Using Aristotelis Onasis’s method, seeing anyone or experiencing anything will record it in a notebook every night to decide when to quit. How to spend time on them. 
16. Exercises are not important, it is important to be flexible because people with wide social relationships will often be more successful. 
17. How to distinguish friends, choose friends, comrades or enemies? How to choose the environment, create the environment? 
18. Knowing to learn is more important than studying and learning. “Say people do not think about me, The mirror is so that we can share them together.” Try teaching others what you want to learn. 
19. Every decision that is not far away will be nearly successful. Thought determines the attitude, attitude to determine language, language to determine behavior, behavior to create habits, habits to form personality, personality to decide destiny. 
20. Strenuous is not scary, the most frightening is hard work and no value.


21. How do leaders dominate? Scientists turn simple problems into complex, business people turn complex problems into simplicity.
22.  What to do to get rich?  How to choose business goals? Must see if it suits you or not? 
23. The secret  of successful business  is to know how to manage, recognize, preserve, foster and use talents. 
24.  The business start-up lesson  is to do anything that requires consumption and sales. 
25.  Rich experience : any business has rich and poor people, successful businesses never stop moving forward.
26. Good and filial piety are two things that cannot wait in life. 
27. Why is success more important than how to succeed? 
28. There are no idiots in the world, and idiots are all words, so a family of encouragement and encouragement is very important. 
29.  Business lessons : The method of using talents is that they have 10 talents but will not give them 7 pieces of work but on the contrary they have 7 talents but will give them 10 pieces of work as so can stimulate their potential. 
30. Today begins yesterday, do what is most important.


31. Every week a star, scarce and irreplaceable.
32. The important method to learn hypnosis is as if (pretend). 
33. The more powerful a person’s countervailing power is, the easier it is to succeed. 
34. When you have all the reasons you will do something unexpected. Everyone has to ask himself a question: how can I make decisions because of success? 
35. Talent is the most difficult thing to find in this world. 
36. Four-fold: knowing, enlightening, making it and acquiring it.
37. Do dangerous but enjoyment things. Red stands for money, competition, possession and manipulation. Blue represents the group, party, relax … Green represents evidence, data, accuracy. Yellow represents the mission, volunteering, helping others. 
38. How to  start a business?  Study for yourself, for those around you and for everything. 
39.  Learn how to get rich: Why can you earn US $ 100,000? There are 3 reasons. One is your habit of making your income unable to increase including the habit of decision making, time management habits … Two people who you make friends with, should make friends with people who are better than you, strong more gold than you. Third, improve the quality of the team members you manage. 
40.  Career experience:  If you don’t know much, revision is very important. The secret of learning is determined by six 100% philosophical steps —— 50% —— 25% —— 12% —— 6% —— 3%. You cannot succeed yet because you do not follow 100% people. So we need to follow the 100% people to learn, learn from the best people, reach out to 100% people.


41. Little start-up experience : I have heard about the culture of a famous enterprise: filial piety, gratitude, money saving, competition. A morning meeting is usually a speech competition, a star every day. Business tycoon Aristotle Onassis once said: “Someone who wants to achieve great success must have an enemy and need to compete.” 
42. The rule of success is to remember.
43. Training trainers are missionaries. 
44.  How to do business effectively: No one can stay in the peak state forever, So how to overcome the regressive thoughts, gloomy and negative? “When you encounter challenges, think that you are flying at a high speed, so you will encounter air resistance.” If you go slowly from the North to the South, you will not encounter the same resistance as a plane flying at a high speed, but if you are afraid, it will take a lot of time before you can reach the destination. 
45. Not being envious of others is just a lowly talent. 
46. ​​A good environment will be like a ventilation oven.
47. Experiments of psychologists. A dog was chased and chased until it collapsed on the ground, foaming its mouth, then taking its blood, inside there was a good poison and fatigue, injecting this toxin into the body of a medium wolf eating is full of dancing dancing it will immediately tired to sleep, why? Is because blood will be tired. It is possible that people with two types of pain-free organs are hair and fingernails, two are liver, if the liver is hurt the person is considered to be finished. 
48. Everything on the hard life of training is successful. 
49.  Small business secret: There are two difficulties in this world, it is more difficult to go to heaven to pray for people; The world has two bitter, bitter Hoang Lien, poverty is even more bitter; Life has two dangerous dangers that are even more evil. So always be prepared for the worst intentions, water can push boats but can also flip boats. Everything must be open, only you will not betray yourself so have to invest for yourself. 
50. Grateful, forward, tight and careful.

100 Experiences For Starting A Simple Business;(51-60)

Good Business Experiences (51-60)

51.  How to get rich? Remember that anyone’s pressure cannot make you collapse, only pressure from yourself will destroy you. You must always adjust your soul. Music, cinema always have great benefits in adjusting the soul, using music to treat their pain.
52. Being a certain person, you must always overcome and limit the drowsiness and boredom. 
53. Without failure, there is no effort, try to overcome the force in the most subtle and skillful way. 
54.  Trading experience:  Time and other people’s labor (OPT-W Other People’s Time & Work) and other people’s money (OPM – Other People’s Money) – taking the time and money of others. 
55. Three words of successful entrepreneurs:

On the journey of life, you must always tell yourself that softness is time to be tough, fear that it is time to be brave and bewitched, it is time to be alert, unable to hold back, win big especially living in your own mind.

Stay calm to face all the problems, positively overcome yourself, cherish the immediate happiness, absolutely not be stagnant, live in the present is the most beautiful.

God gives us composure, stability so that we receive things that cannot be changed; God gives us courage and strength so that we have the power to change things; God gives us wisdom so that we can distinguish what things can be changed and what cannot be changed. 
56. Why calm down? Business is very hard, must know how to handle the risks. 
57. Three business security measures: exit, speak out and collect money. 
58. Poor people will have a bad place. 
59. What is great wisdom, that is, wisdom to use the soul, the power of the soul. The most pitiful of human life is hopeless, most people will be very depressed.
60. Ice can’t stop water from flowing, dry trees will also have green sprouting days.


61. How to start a business : You should know how to take advantage of the power of the soul, just having the power of the soul, collapsing will also stand up, fail and then succeed. 
62.  Business knowledge : Investment methods and financial management of Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Tu’s argument (Cash flow Quadrant) E, S, B, I. Poor father-state agency , like to show off, invite many people, spend a lot of money, respect the atmosphere. Rich father – private enterprise. Businesses spend the least amount to create the greatest benefits. The biggest crime is that the business is not profitable. Because businesses that are not profitable often cause a lot of family problems.
63. Reading many books is not necessarily a lot of money.
64. Two ways to have a peaceful life. One is to have enough money before 30 years old. Secondly, never risk. Are you a lifelong slave to money, working for money? 
65.  How to get rich?  Do you live to work or work to live? If you think that work is so enjoyment you are working to live, otherwise you are living to work. Do you want to live to work? No! 
66. What you have is the best, just yours, everything is the best.
67. Kim Tu Do S is the only freelance person, who is a professional who earns money with bonuses. When you first started building a road, making consumers become salespeople, making sales people become leaders and managers. If you don’t know how to sell, you don’t know how to make money. 
68.  Learn how to do good business : go to collide, speak and collect money. 
69.  The successful way of doing business  is: customer source exploitation, business operation signing. 
70. Customers say “no” is very normal. The biggest difficulty in business is in courage.


71. Taking advantage of other people’s time to help you make money.
72. How to convince customers? You recommend promoting your products to make customers trust and think that your product value exceeds the amount they spend that you have succeeded. Value over price is not expensive. 
73. There must be a great deal to cause great karma. The leader is the one who explains, explains and trains, who helps others to resolve. 
74. Kim Tu Do I is an investor who uses money to earn money. Experience of getting rich , the  secret  of getting rich of Warren Buffet-Rule No. 1: Absolutely no compensation for money. Rule No. 2: Absolutely not forget rule number 1.
75. The most terrorist power in the world is compound interest. In this world there is no distinction between intelligence and non-intelligence, but only the distinction between understanding and not understanding. 
76. How to improve life efficiency. 
77. Absolutely not satisfied with the present. Must be macro, not micro. 
78. What should you do if you find your employee stealing intellectual property or property? Don’t be disappointed, because you can also exploit talent from other businesses. Receptive to other people’s wisdom to create uniqueness cannot replace your company or business.
79. The most miserable of human life is probably from the beginning of the founding and the process of retreating to climax. The adjustment method is not going to get stuck but using something else instead. Use the audio recording method of Marshall Salver.
80. Loosen, relax and relax. Receive instructions from successful people without any criticism.


81. Time management, one of the reasons for the success of successful people is how to manage time.
82.  The richness experience of billionaires : If one day can do 6 important things, then one month can do 180 and one year can make 2190 important things. Do you still not succeed? 
83. Build two habits later. Prepare 2 small notebooks, one to record the things and people you met during the day. The other book will record the 6 things that you will have to do tomorrow.
84. Fewer than no, late to work than not to do. Do the most important things.
85. Regarding time management, refer to the courses of Witch Marketing Jay Abraham teacher of Anthony Robbins. People have 3 types of time: One is focus day which is the focus point used to handle and perform the most important goal-related tasks. In these focus days you should not do anything but the most important things. The two buffers are the preparation days, not afraid of not having the opportunity to fear only without preparation. Preparing days are days such as going to school, taking part in training, connecting friends … Not the signing of a business operation or collecting money, but the preparation work before going to work there . Three are free days, rest, next to family, relatives, friends, rewards, balance …
86. Four characters: characters, talents, workers and scum. 
87. The biggest distance in this world is the distance from someone else’s pocket to your pocket. 
88. Marshall Salver: Just be positive, have the power to help you “do it now”.
89. Honest, filial and grateful are 3 things that can’t wait, otherwise there’s no chance. 
90. When others despise, ridicule, insult, assault, make you difficult, you not only cannot scold or reproach them, but also thank them because they have helped you to fill the energy of the when you are most tired of school, the brave person rushes to the front.


91. Everything doesn’t make sense unless you define it.
92. Everyone is not marketing for products but marketing for themselves. 
93. Investing in the brain is the most profitable investment. 
94. Perfectionism can kill people. Do not wait until the preparation is complete before taking action, take action when you have prepared the trunk. Perfectism easily disrupts habits. The beginning of the bad, the new beginning continues, the continuation will create the habit, the habit will become natural, nature is the most beautiful. 
95. Believe that you will see, while people often see and believe, belief is very important.
96. There are only two reasons people cannot succeed: laziness and fear. The three most frightening things of people are: fire, jumping from high to low and public speaking. 
97. Don’t just because I don’t earn money but hope other people go bankrupt. Always create good environments, politically suggestive, whether day or night all things related to you must be glorified. 
98. Good people always create the environment, ordinary people always follow the environment, poor people always complain about the environment. 
99. If you have enough reasons, when you encounter opportunities that make you excited and trembling, the volcano in your heart will automatically erupt. The extraordinary giant of your soul will be awakened.
100. Everything is positive, energy will never be less.

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