100 Best Small Business Ideas In 2019

What is starting a business? In the boiling wave of startups, there are really a lot of big small business ideas, ways of getting rich and starting a business? However, in front of the start-up road in the market full of competition, it should be sharper, the most important thing is to find the right direction, find a business model, find out what business ways are now fruit.

There is a lot of entrepreneurial content. But not all content is good and suitable for you. Here are 100 big and small business ideas, from urban to rural areas, that we have analyzed and evaluated to guide business startups to implement. Answer issues related to the selection of small capital-less business ideas.

However, please emphasize one thing, whether business is small, start up in rural or urban areas. The most important is still alertness about the mind and reason of your heart. Great things start. Every successful fruit comes from your own relentless efforts, and action to perform is the key to a successful idea.



What business items now? Hot summer, what most people need is refreshment. One of the most popular soft drinks ever was beer. There are many beer shops growing everywhere, it is no longer a strange thing. But an outdoor pub is different!

You can choose an empty space in the square, park, street, residential area. Then set up several large umbrellas, set up tables and chairs to start the outdoor beer business.

In addition, you should buy more equipment to make cold beer, the market price of about 4 million. In addition to other costs, initial capital investment of about 8-10 million can be opened.

Mainly supply fresh beer, premium cold beer. Attract customers with originality and novelty. It can be said that this is one of the business ideas or in 100 small business ideasworth paying attention to.


What business now? There are many types of products that can be traded in pastry shops. Categories include: bread, bagels, cake, cakes, chocolate, art cake, birthday cake, cake set (wedding, celebration), pizza, sandwiches, hamburger …

In addition, additive, flavoring can be used to process into many different cake tastes.

When choosing the type of business products, do not rush to think. Having to pay attention to the local culture and to choose the business direction for themselves.

The cost of making a birthday cake is not too big but the price is not trivial. Profit many times. Family birthday organization is currently very popular. Especially children and generations of 8X, 9X, 10X.

Trading in pastries does not even need to go to the store. It is considered a small idea of 100 neat small business start-up ideas . Just do well the promotion, propaganda on social networks Facebook, Zalo, tiktok, instargram is okay … Then will receive orders online. Especially cakes, cakes, pizzas … do not need to open shops. High selling price, high profit. One of the most effective ways to do business at home .

My college friend is Lan, a beautiful young girl, passionate about making cakes. In early 2018 Lan planned an online cake business . Specializing in serving the needs of friends and relatives. Up to now, his career has been successful, everyone in the family has become Lan’s assistant.

Based on the cake business, Lan’s monthly income is up to tens of millions of dong. Small business earns big profits and profits . Lan’s customers are mostly relatives and friends. They often place cakes on celebrations, birthdays, weddings …


What business is in 2022? Business cheese cheese. Mix a mixture of fried flour, sweet potato and cheese in golden ratio. Help customers feel the original flavor of sweet potatoes when enjoying. At the same time, the pieces of crispy sweet potatoes dissolved in the mouth can also feel the sweetness of the cheese.

Special taste and taste are loved by many young and old men and women. The outer shell is tough and crispy, the inside is sweet and delicious sweet potatoes. Sweet and sour taste makes people eat and eat without getting bored. Is one of the most popular snacks today.

Sweet potato cheese is a unique snack. The unique characteristic of speaking makes many people feel curious. New flavors are easy to attract people with curiosity to enjoy. It is rated as one of the most easily traded products today . Small cost, large market.


What trade to get rich at home? In the evening or holidays, there will be training classes for handicrafts: pottery making, fabric grafting, paper cutting art …

Previously, these handicraft industries were just pastimes for office workers. But now the risk of unemployment is overwhelming due to the financial crisis. Make more people more interested in these training classes.

It is not only a pastime, but also a business start-up skill if you’re unemployed. Anyway, this is the most affordable home-based business idea of all time.

Especially the places with traditional handicrafts. Opening training classes will help many people to open a new way of getting rich. Enrich their life. Training content can include many different skills such as knitting, embroidery, crochet, cross embroidery, shoe lining, brocade, weaving and pruning wooden flowers …


What business is small in 2024? Compared to large supermarkets, small-scale convenience stores. But due to the main business of many necessities, there are many outstanding features such as long-term business time, convenience in people’s shopping. Moreover, more and more people are receiving and favoring.

In recent years, many convenience stores have been growing everywhere. Some stores have millions of revenue and profit every day.

What business in 2020-2025,2026? Convenience store business is still in the beginning stage. Market capacity has not been saturated, so there is still a huge development space.

Many phenomena show that multi-service utility stores will be the focus of development in the next period. Diversifying services means that in addition to retailing daily necessities, there are also other business services. For example: laundry reception, express delivery … This is exactly the fastest way to get rich with little capital.


What small business capital? Rent about 30 m 2 of premises in residential area. Shopping equipment using cookware. Business collective kitchens in residential areas are like popular rice shops. Mainly provide daily popular food for people living in a certain residential area.

In addition, customers can also provide their own food. Kitchen only supports processing. Processing will be calculated according to the source of food that customers provide more or less? The most important thing is to ensure the quality of service.

This is one of the good ideas in 100 rich business ideas with little capital . There will be potential for growth and space needs are wide open. Because of modern life, many families are very afraid of cooking. Collective kitchen business will be an effective small business secret to start a business to get rich.


What business investment now? Since ancient times, tea is not only a drink but also an art of cultivating the soul. Enjoy tea to help people relax their spirits, bringing their souls to the land of the sun.

What business now? Open a unique relaxing art tea shop, no need to be in a city with lots of flowers. And there is no need for large space. Just decorate nicely and break the way it is.

The interior of the shop needs to be fresh and elegant. The shop staff needs to have small business tips and essential knowledge about tea ceremony and tea-making art. The name of the shop must be good but it must be courteous

In addition, some small business strategies should be applied , such as inside the shop, it is necessary to design more background music. Design with bookshelves and some entertaining entertainment content. Let customers enjoy tea while watching books. Enjoying tea while playing chess, enjoying the taste of life, enjoying life.

But if you want to open this tea shop, you must be a person with cultural and aesthetic qualifications. If so, you can express the meaning inside the tea ceremony. Attract customers with difference, poison and strange. This is one of the good ideas and is in 100 small business ideas that I want to introduce to you.


What to do to get money now? As the market economy grows, more and more meetings begin to rely on computer autographs. Conferences, judges, Web access … all need to write and handle the face.

According to incomplete statistics, the country has hundreds of thousands of meetings every day. Just 30% of those meetings needed shorthand to be a huge market. Economic development has added to this shorthand service.

The process of developing the shorthand service abroad: the shorthand is signed by the computer shorthand. So far this market has several decades of history.

In the US, every state, every city has a recording department. These record offices will specialize in providing shorthand services to government agencies. From presidents to chiefs, there are full-time shorthanders.

Later, a number of shorthanders specialized in serving the new government saw the potential of this market. So they started making their own business plans . Set up a company specializing in providing meeting services for meetings.

Due to the large market demand, professional service, these service companies are very developed. Income of shorthand staff is also increasing. This is a business idea that needs no capital and makes a lot of money.


What business is small in the countryside? In the age of specialized stores, department stores are raging like today. If opening a unique creative grocery store then enter the cheap but beautiful craft items.

Not only attracts many young people with antique jewelry or handicrafts. But it also meets the needs of love and nostalgic taste of many young people.

Also recall the memories of middle-aged people about the natural garden life. Certainly will be more successful than those in the same industry and are interested in by many consumers.

For many people living in urban areas. “Grocery store” is a historical noun that has long been covered with dust. It helps them remember the shopping scene in the daily life of their ancestors and ancient ancestors.

Therefore , this rural business idea will bring many opportunities and development space for entrepreneurs.


What business now? Crispy corn is a recently emerging snack. Its main ingredients include corn, chicken eggs, tomato paste, pepper, avocado …

Crispy fried corn has a crisp feeling and unique aroma. The subtle combination of crisp feel and unique taste makes it hard for others to resist. This is a very hot sidewalk street snacks and also a hot business idea in 100 capital enrichment business ideas .

If you do, the area around where you live still does not have fried corn-like snacks. So the opportunity is probably only for you.


Business something fast rich? Bamboo charcoal is a product of environmental health protection. Many take advantage of its powerful absorbing features, plus a negative infrared and iodine release technique that has studied and manufactured more than 100 types of products from bamboo charcoal.

Now what business? Bamboo charcoal in Japan is called black diamond. And is a must-have product in the family. Bamboo charcoal used to rain as a wind for many years in Southeast Asia, Japan, Thailand, Singapore …

Use bamboo charcoal as fuel. The mild scent that it emits will make the space smell good. Smelling that scent will help refresh the spirit.

What business is fast? Bamboo charcoal is not only easy to burn but also has a quite economical use. In addition, bamboo charcoal is also used as a fuel to be widely used in food processing, baking, data storage and fresh preservation.

When cooking rice, you can wrap a piece of bamboo charcoal and help keep the nutrients while helping the rice more soft and fragrant. Bamboo charcoal in the refrigerator helps deodorize strange, prevent food metamorphosis. Extend the shelf life of food.

When frying food, putting a little bit of bamboo charcoal into not only saves but also helps to avoid cooking oil. Using bamboo charcoal to tunnel food will make food faster.

What trade is now with small capital? Soak bamboo charcoal in tap water, also helps deodorize bleach and other harmful impurities. And dirt will not easily cling to cleaning utensils. Put bamboo charcoal in the toilet or closet to help deodorize, prevent mold. Leaving bamboo charcoal in the aquarium makes the water clean. Fish species will not be easily attacked by bacteria.

What business is rich and fast with small capital? Due to its wide range of uses and diverse features. Bamboo charcoal is increasingly used by many consumers. The market is so open, so if opening a store specializing in trading products from bamboo charcoal, it will be convenient for business, not worrying about no customers.

The cost of investing in bamboo charcoal trading shops will not be too large. Mainly rent premises, renovation, staff salaries and working capital.

Shop Area dozen m 2 is enough. Plus one-person employees can deploy business. The profit rate of bamboo charcoal preparations will be about 50%. Just a half-year business will recover all investment capital and start making profits.


What business is less capital in 2019? In the world of teenagers, games and animation are two things that can’t be missed. Internet popularity has made the development space of the network game industry and animation industry become bigger and bigger.

According to statistics, our country currently does not have many professional programmers specializing in designing animation games. Therefore, there is a shortage of manpower compared to the abundant demand of the market.

Opening an animation game design company requires not only a professional design team. But also need a certain amount of investment.


Car wash without water is a new business model not yet available in USA . This is the content of business start-up that requires high technology. Do not waste water and do not create any pollution source. Just order a good detergent.

The main method is: first use a water-efficient car washer (air spray machine is like a dryer). Blow away dust from the vehicle. Then use car wash products without super clean water evenly sprayed on the car paint. Using a damp or sponge sponge can clean the car clean.

Then using a polishing cloth, the dirty car will be clean again. For relatively dirty and difficult to clean sawcjh parts such as undercarriage, engine, wheel … It is possible to use a special foam washing machine for cars to clean.


In a 100 business plan   , breakfast shipping is considered a small but big income proposition. Breakfast is a daily necessity of people. Therefore there is always a high demand in the market.

Suggestions for breakfast items

Main dishes: bread, dumplings, rolls and some other cakes.

Side dish: melon vegetables or some other side dishes.

Drinks: coffee, milk, porridge or some other liquid food.

Dedicated lunch box design. Put all main dishes, side dishes and drinks in the same box. Aiming at convenience for food or sales.

Designing breakfast menus can be based on different areas, tastes and health for processing. Based on the number of popular orders. Selling price should not be too high. If multiple purchases can be free ship.

If every day you can provide 5 units, each unit is about 200-300 meals. Every 10 thousand yield, earn 10-15 million per day. Subtract all kinds of expenses, interest is about 5-7 million.


Business direction: Should choose to do business in newly built areas. According to the survey, business of ornamental pots and ornamental plants has a relatively large market potential. Therefore, it is considered as one of the ways to get rich from rich fast trading .

Should open a business shop in newly built residential areas, not many people have moved in. The reason is because, later when someone moved in, repaired the house, shopping for ornamental flower pots to decorate the beautiful house was common. Therefore, until then you will definitely be running.

In addition, people’s enjoyment of life is increasing. Early flowering of ornamental plants has become an elegant hobby for many people. Therefore, the flower shop business will certainly be very expensive. This is one of the 100 fastest ways to get rich, it’s not difficultthat we want to propose to you.


What fast online business is rich? In a modern and stressful modern society, the pressure of human life and work is growing. This leads to a series of psychological problems.

Building a website to implement psychological counseling and treatment services will certainly meet the needs of these people. This is a small network business idea thatdeserves attention.

In addition, there is a website to sell drugs. Customers can choose the name of the medicine and the amount they want to buy. If you do not understand the use of drugs, you can also consult directly with pharmacists in charge of the website.

For the convenience of customers to buy medicine, the website applies 24/24 service policy. In addition, the website also designed a question and answer section. Phone, consulting e-mail, customer care staff 24/24. Those are effective online business waysthat online hospital dealers should apply.


What to do to get money now? Buying a house, selling a house, changing a house, renting a house … is always an indispensable item in life. Moreover, the investment value is increasingly clear. Whether it is buying a house or an investment, it must take into account many factors such as price, terrain, external design, housing quality, supplier prestige, shopping traffic …

A series of used apartments were used after being put on the market. Although the geographic location has not changed, the regional positioning, city planning, and surroundings have soon been different. Therefore, it is necessary to have good eyes.

Ordinary consumers are always in a position where the information does not match. If you want to find a valuable home, you can only ask for help from a housing valuation consultancy company.

Housing valuation is simply an assessment of housing prices. But is scientific, accurate and legally validated. Forced to be a professional valuer to formulate the rules and principles of valuation according to the purpose of valuation and to comply with the selling prices of real estate.

Based on the valuation sequence, applying a scientific valuation method incorporates a rich experience of valuation staff to conduct an appraisal assessment.

Real estate market transactions are increasing, house prices are escalating. Whether it is a home or a business purpose, there will be many disputes. In many cases that the whole court accepted, in order to assess the value of houses, it is necessary to authorize the specialized agency to assess house prices.

There are three basic valuation methods: market comparison methods, cost methods and revenue methods.

There are also a number of other methods such as hypothetical method, price route method, long-term and sustainable method, remnant method, profit method, distribution method …

These other valuation methods are actually derivatives of these three major methods. Each different valuation method will have different effects.


What to do to get money now? Housing broker. Why do real estate brokers make a lot of money? Because it has the following advantages:

  • The most important resource of real estate brokers in the internet era today is news.
  • The surface coverage of the real estate brokers is not limited.
  • Real estate brokerage company in internet era will not be restricted. Broadly universal Internet, computer technology is growing. Mechanism to ensure network transaction safety and related legal regulations are increasingly improved.

Internet brokers will gradually replace traditional brokerage unit organizations. Become the main force in the brokerage market with advantages such as quick, convenient and low transaction costs.


Professional shopping guide is one of the effective small capital business ideas . This is a new service industry. Mainly providing shopping guide aimed at young people who do not have time to go shopping, powerless travelers, foreign or foreign tourists.

Initial investment mainly includes the costs of opening offices, staff training and shopping area investigation …


What business now? Industrial development, land is increasingly rare. Especially people living in city areas. It is very difficult to grow some vegetables to improve your life.

Therefore, if there is agricultural land for rent will also be a business model with potential for development and quite hot in 100 good small business ideas .

Rent an agricultural area with convenient transportation, adequate drainage and irrigation systems. Then rent the city residents to grow vegetables.

Tolling according to the plot of land or according to the soil sample depending on the conditions Investors only need to spend the initial land rent and then earn money without having to do any other complicated business operations.


What business is small and small in 2021-2023? Modern life develops, making the demand for beauty and beauty of people higher and higher. Especially women. Nail making is currently a fever in the market, because of the great demand that the waiter has little.

A regular person who has regular training only needs half a month to capture basic nail skills. And you can open your own business.

At first, there is not much money, you can choose to do business at home. Even mobile service. Just invest some basic nail tools, paints, gels, stickers … to start making money.

If really skilled, it will surely attract many customers. This business model fits perfectly with young women. This business model with almost = 0 cost is one of the most effective ways to get rich from empty hands . What are you blushing for? Get your backpack up and go make money.


What business now? Want to open a cafe, first have a crowded place. Next is the opening fee and turnaround capital must also be fully prepared.

Trading in ground and ground coffee, the most important thing is to use fresh coffee beans. Guaranteed quality orthodox. Before crushing, customers can re-confirm the use on the packaging. In order to show really good quality, get the trust of customers.

At the same time, service personnel must always be full of life. The outside space must be clean and airy.

In addition, choosing a few professional bartenders to express coffee brewing talents at the shop is both an effective and medium marketing strategy that can stir the spirit of customer enjoyment. Thereby improving sales and revenue.

Customers are not only fastidious in enjoying the taste of coffee. But also very focused on the space to enjoy. Therefore, it is not important to be elegant and clean, so it is very important to attract customers and promote business. In 100 good small business ideas , opening a cafe will always be the first choice.


Want a small business with less capital, please trade in a jigsaw store. Many people today often pursue entertainment methods that are both personal and interesting. Therefore, opening a pair of jigsaw stores can help customers satisfy recreational interests, and can create pictures of houses or make gifts for friends and relatives.

Rent dozen m 2 ground at the trade center. Modifying and hiring employees can start opening a business shop.

One thing to keep in mind when opening a jigsaw store is to pay attention to controlling the number of imports. Products should be diversified but the quantity of one type should be moderate. Advanced consumer-level and responsive to the different requirements of different level customers.


What little business capital is now effective? Rent a space near the road surface. Then design room or training space. Procurement of picnic equipment, hire staff.

Each week, there will be 2-3 times of activities to practice survival skills. Each time 2 groups, each group about 15 participants.

In addition, we will arrange more professional training coaches, doctors, guides, midwives and other indispensable staff positions.

Survival skills are a hot demand of many young people who like to explore today. Large market demand, if business is implemented, do not worry about not having a job. However, the most important thing is to ensure the safety of participants.


What little business capital is now effective? In everyday life, we often use wall studs, hangers or suction hooks to hang furniture. Using nails to easily damage walls, not beautiful. Using wall stickers has a poor load capacity, easy to fall off.

Moreover, the hangers after being dropped will leave traces that are difficult to clean. Even damaging the wall surface. Wall-mounted suction hooks can only be used on ceramic or glass tile surfaces.

Vacuum suction hook is a new product, one of the best-selling items selling less capitaland can solve all the weaknesses of the above hangers.

Therefore, this product has an open market space. This is an essential product in everyday life. Especially when the living space is getting narrower today, vacuum hangers are sure to be popular.

This is a business model that deserves attention in 100 streamlined small business start-up ideas .


So what business is small now without capital? Currently, many women in the family no longer want to move their hands and feet to sew. Long clothes do not know how to fix. Damaged keychains do not know. Sweater is afraid of knitting. There are people who have been caught by insects when they lose a corner or are not careful to be pulled … These jobs need someone to know how to do and serve.

Therefore, women who are idle, have experience in sewing, embroidery or knitting, can open their own clothes repair shops. Help those who do not know how to solve the need. It is convenient and convenient for people. In home business , this is one of the smartest and most effective forms of home business .


What little business capital is now effective? Business vacuum cleaner pads This product is suitable for use in schools, military and non-business units. Can be used to clean surfaces with many different materials such as metal boards, glass panels, cement boards and wooden boards …

What business at home? This is a folk craft product made from 100% cotton and old crude cloth. Experiencing more than a dozen processing processes. It used to be a tribute to many ancient times.

Using this sheet of dust collector to protect the environment and health, it will surely be used by many units. This is considered one of the unique new business products . Therefore, there will be large space and potential for development.


One of the fastest ways to get rich is small shaping balloons business. This is a relatively new product. This is a toy that many kids love. Create balloons into diverse shapes like animals, flowers, cartoon characters … unique and new, it will attract many buyers.


So what business is small now without capital? Until now, lotteries have always been a well-known business item. Because everyone has the desire to get rich. But getting rich is not easy.

So buying lottery becomes one of the ways to realize the dream of enriching many people. However, technology is growing, lottery can also do business online. Therefore, opening a lottery shop will have certain limitations.


What business with the capital of 20 million, 30 million, 50 million, 100 million, 200 million? Prices are escalating, the price of fur coats is also increasing. This provides business opportunities for shops that restore old coats.

Currently, everyone’s home has some old feather coat. Austria is old, but its feathers are still new. Opening a shop to restore the old coat, the store staff, besides knowing how to sew, should be the one with the design expertise. To be able to design fashionable and attractive styles.

About the place of business opening a shop, it is best to stay close to the fabric store. It is possible to secure multi-type fabric sources. At the same time, other services can be traded.

In addition, it is possible to provide various kinds of feather coats for semi-finished products. Those are the feathered, semi-finished coat shells for the feather coat factory.

Then take the feathers from the old fur coat of the customer to put in those semi-finished shirt shells. Thus, it is possible to successfully restore an old feather coat. Just save the cost of buying new clothes, just avoid waste.

Therefore, this will undoubtedly be a small, efficient, simple business model with great potential and prospects in the future.


What business is less capital in 2019? In the near future, unicycle will be a popular national sports activity with interesting features, entertainment, health training …

Characteristics of this kind of sports to ride a unicycle is:

  • This is the type of movement that is called by the medical community.
  • Unicycle doesn’t need a dedicated training ground.
  • This is a series of movement pictures combining many emotional states of shock, dangerous, strange, smart and beautiful players.
  • Regularly using unicycle helps to improve your balance and reflexes. Fully trained shoulders, spine, legs, thighs, arms. Enhance the flexibility and dexterity of the body.

From a market perspective, unicycle has the following characteristics:

  • Interesting.
  • Simple technique easy to learn.
  • Affordable, pragmatic economic benefits. Each unicycle has a market price of about 1.5 million dong. Life expectancy of 5 years or more.
  • Safe practice is not dangerous: just stop cycling will immediately stop.
  • Enjoys small, light weight, easy to carry.
  • There is no too high requirement for training ground.

If you want to invest in a 1-wheel bike club, only 60-80 m 2 of cement practice yard is enough. Enter a batch of one-wheeled bikes, plus a few waiters can start businesses. This is a unique business idea of 100 neat small business startups that deserve attention.


In 100 small business ideas , opening a music dance room is one of the good ideas. But the following characteristics need to be noted:

  • The best business location should be near the thriving urban centers.
  • Business locations should be near the road.
  • The cultural environment around the place of business also needs to be focused.
  • Selecting a business location cannot violate the city planning of the local authorities.
  • Business premises must not be too small.

About the interior decoration inside the music dance room, a large investment is required. The main income of this business model comes from entrance tickets, food and drinks and fresh flowers.

The main applied management form of music and dance rooms is:

  • Bidding business.
  • The acting team is responsible.
  • Business combination.


One of the fastest ways to get rich is the new generation of bracelets. Shaking is a skillful and skillful movement that is loved by many people. New generation bracelets are made of natural rubber, soft and elastic.

During use, under the effect of centrifugal force, the contact area between the ring surface and the body becomes larger. Help with a wider body massage.

What should a small business do? This new generation of bracelets can accommodate small and large. Just buy a product that all family members can use. So the actual cost of use is much lower than other popular bracelets. It should be easy for users to receive.

In addition, this product is very convenient to store and carry. Weight can be arbitrarily adjusted. Winter can add hot water to use. These are characteristics that conventional bracelets don’t have. In the market, there is no competing product of the same type, so the market potential is very large.


So what business is small now without capital? According to relevant survey data, the mother and baby market is always an open market. Memories for babies are also a market branch in them. Therefore, there is a relatively large market potential.

This is a way for parents to save the first memorabilia for their children. Usually, shops will be located near large hospitals (especially the maternity hospital).

Must have good service attitude and incentives to create public opinion.


Of the 100 capital-intensive business ideas , the laser pen business is also considered an effective business idea. Currently in presentations, people often use a red laser pen as a support tool. But the projection distance of this pen is relatively close, the definition is not high, so the effect is not ideal.

What business should be done at home? The main product of green laser pen was to improve these weaknesses. Inside the product is a green laser generator, which helps to overcome these disadvantages effectively. Therefore this product is a big substitute.

In addition to the large capacity products, many astronomers love and pursue. Both an observation device and a display device. Only 2 sub-batteries can be used. Service life is about 5000 hours.


Of the 100 small business ideas, it is impossible not to mention the idea of roller skatingbusiness Slide the slide is a new type of movement popular among young people, is a new trend. The roller skates help meet the needs of young people at all times.

Small, sparkling design. Can be attached to shoes to slip away instead of walking. Also on the move, the wheel glows in all shimmering colors. Make users become the focus of attention in everyone’s eyes.

Trading in roller-skating wheels deserves to be one of the ways to get rich from effectivesmall business . And also the most accurate answer to the business question in the evening?


What trade in the countryside, in the countryside? Playing with mud is the innate hobby of young children. But in the city, these interests are almost stripped away. Opening a pottery shop, the first object to come is definitely children.

Saying is making pottery, but it’s actually playing. Squeezing warships, snowmen of all kinds of shaping. Once again I wanted to come again, playing boredom.

What business should be done in the countryside? This is a fun and safe place to help children improve their statues and the flexibility of their hands. Therefore, many parents receive and support them.

Another group of customers is lovers. On holidays, the ceramic shop holiday is an ideal place to play and experience for them.

Tickets for children are 30k / person / time; Adults are 50k / person / turn. In addition, it is possible to apply ticket sales on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.


Business for babies is one of the 100 effective small business ideas today. Domestic and foreign markets are launching many new products for babies. For example, tooth grinding rods, inclined drinking cups, large size forehead gauges with the tips of an adult’s finger …

There are also stickers that indicate when the temperature is too hot: it can be stuck in dangerous overheating conditions such as hot water pipes, hot water taps, heaters … When the temperature reaches a certain high, the piece The directive will turn yellow, reminding people to pay close attention.

Nasal suction pump for children: specialized for cleaning the nose, very handy.

Wet wet bell: can be used on children’s pants or diapers. The bell will play warning music when wet.

Young mouth hygiene gloves are made from mineral rubber.

Snacks: avoid dirty clothes when babies eat milk or eat flour.

Milk-feeding pillows: can be adjusted according to the position in which the mother eats milk.

Double-sided sling: Can be sling in the back and chest. Other common products only allow you to hold your baby in front of you.

All of these innovative gadgets all make parents feel free to shop for their babies.

According to the experience of the business of retransmission, open a business shop for babies, so decorate the store in a lovely style. Full of childlike atmosphere. Products in the store must be streamlined and exhibited. The main season in the store will be blue and light red.

When importing goods, we should choose non-irritating materials, easy to wash, can dry or absorb water ..

Opening a new and unique children’s furniture store will attract many young parents. What are you waiting for, learn how to run this fast-growing business right away.


What business should be done in the countryside? A bone-thin bone china, ivory-white, ivory porcelain made a popular eating utensils. Pottery is a symbol of the dignity of life and the worship of traditional culture.

Open a sophisticated pottery shop, so stay close to markets. It is best to be close to grocery stores, or markets with many visitors.

The arrangement of the arrangement must be flexible. If the business is primarily a young person, it is advisable to arrange colors to promote sales.


Based on the different medical conditions of different patient groups to develop appropriate menu items. It is best to build a location near medium and large hospitals.

In the business process, it is important to focus on kitchen hygiene, which cannot be as simple as other normal restaurants or cafes.

In the early period, it is necessary to develop a reasonable diet for each different patient. Customers who come first must ask questions about the condition, health conditions, and psychological state in order to best serve.

Customer’s order form must be properly maintained, absolutely no mistake should be made. Initial investment includes premises, kitchen, cookware …


Bowling is considered a luxurious and fashionable game that many young people love. The investment cost for a Bowling playground is quite high. In addition to the cost of renting premises, there are other types of expenses such as repair, conditioning and purchasing equipment for the playground … The investment fee is up to hundreds of million USD.

Sales decision:

  • Personal selling: organize group activities, open training classes …
  • Media advertising: expanding the scope of promotion, enhancing influence.
  • Public sales: widely deploy membership card services. Organize competitions to enhance the reputation of the playground.
  • Business promotion, sales: Organizing types of activities, improving the interest for users.


The main function of this type of service business is to concurrently hold all the work related to housework. The basic working method of this service business model is:

  • The company conducts extensive propaganda.
  • Training and retraining of employees to work on professional housework skills before assigning jobs. Includes: legal education, safe education and self-protection skills.

Employees need to have all qualities such as healthy, clean and resourceful, honestly keeping faith, diligence and love for jobs.

The types of jobs of this service business model include:

  • Cleaning work.
  • Periodic work
  • Other specific service tasks.


Handy plastic bags are novelty products that are in hot demand in the market. Because of its usability and health. Convenient plastic bags have a close relationship with human life.

Whether shopping for a supermarket or a market to buy vegetables, whether rural or urban, any season or daily life, from eating, living, wearing, and operating anywhere, there are also plastic bags.

According to initial statistics, each person will at least use 1 plastic utility bag every day. The demand for quantity used in markets is extremely large. Open markets never run out.

Production of utility plastic bags does not require a brand. Small investment, fast profit, long-term and sustainable economic benefits. The bigger the bag design, the higher the level, the higher the profit.


We all know that housing is one of the great events in everyone’s life. Especially in the countryside. Along with the development of the market economy, rural housing is increasingly developing towards practicality, aesthetics and personalization.

Rural areas appear to be richer and richer, and they are very focused and careful in housing construction. Having settled down is a new career, which requires a large number of professional design teams. Specialize in research and design new houses for rural people.


Natural fertilizer is the common name of the organic fertilizers of farmers. Natural fertilizer in addition to improving quality also meets the “green” demand of the market. This is also one of the basic requirements of the market for agricultural products.

In addition, natural fertilizer is also the last convergence of municipal waste. Standing in front of such a huge amount of waste, currently, natural fertilizer production will be a hot industry in the future. Both beneficial and beneficial, bring a great income to investors. This is one of the effective business models of enrichment from agriculture, from livestock.


Currently the market has just appeared the personality press media including wedding and wedding magazine.

About the newspaper Hy is the type of wedding newspaper that the groom is the designer and the editor. The content includes announcing the good news, introducing the marriage, the love statement, the love story, the parents’ commandments and the blessings of friends …

Accompanied by wedding photos, life photos often make the bride and friends both surprised and happy.

In addition to printing news announcements of good news. The fact that couples become the main characters in trendy magazines is no longer a dream. The image of superstar who is splendidly shimmering on magazine cover makes many people admire. Since then, the market of DIY fashion magazine has risen.


The city developed towards modernization, high rise buildings erupted. Fast life, suffocating tension creates a feeling of heaviness and fatigue.

People living in the city are increasingly focused on greening their places and places of work. So they look for natural green jewelry.

This mini vegetable garden is not the same as other flower pots and pots. It not only beautifies the place but also helps the city people experience the pleasures of cultivation. And enjoy the vegetables they grow by themselves.

Currently there are no competing products of the same type on the market, so the potential and market space are huge.


The major flower pots on the market today include: wooden pots, earthen pots, porcelain pots, plastic pots … Lightweight wooden pots without bright colors. The soil pots and porcelain pots have a good air permeability, high perfection but a bit heavy and a high price. Poor plastic pots easily cause environmental pollution.

This biodegradable flower pot product helps to overcome all these disadvantages and is widely used by many people. This is a kind of useful and beautiful flower pot that contributes to environmental protection.

Therefore, in the near future, this product will be widely used to replace other common flower pots. What are you hesitating for without investing?


The aging population makes the product market for older people appear more and more great business opportunities. Including a multi-function electronic stick business.

Elderly people working outdoors, encountering unusual incidents without timely help, the consequences will be unpredictable. Therefore, multi-purpose electronic sticks will help you solve this problem.

This product has many utility functions such as anti-slip, flashlight, warning light, warning bell … Bring many utilities for the elderly when moving or outdoor activities.


This type of business is suitable for women and girls aged 25-55 and education level from high school becomes.

Initial investment includes a space of about 50-80 m 2 . Simple decoration, shopping for children’s toys, children’s books, small tables and chairs …

In addition, it is recommended to select a professional preschool teacher, in charge of organizing games and activities for young children. Observe the child’s behavior and give advice to parents.

It is possible to base on the actual situation to deploy services such as babysitting, daily, etc. This is a small capital business with little risk, stable profit in 100 small business ideas . The rate of profit per year can be up to over 30%.


Natural seawater can not only be sold to seafood wholesalers. It can also be transported to the city for sale to seafood restaurants.

Seafood in the restaurant must not only be fresh but also be put into display glass for customers to see. So natural seawater for them is extremely important.

There are also other areas in the city that need seawater such as: ocean parks where marine fish species are dedicated to sightseeing …

In fact, there are many areas on land that need to use natural seawater. The market is not small but needs to be exploited.

The biggest investment in natural seawater trading is transportation. If the customer is not too far from the sea, it is not difficult to transport sea water to customers. If customers are far away, they will have to use trains to transport. Once the seawater business market is unlocked, the return of investment capital will also be very fast.

There is also another issue that is quality. Each different sea area will have different sea composition. Therefore, when doing business you need to clearly note the composition and characteristics of that type of seawater and it is suitable for any type of seafood …

Although it is only a natural seawater business, it also needs to ensure quality for customers.


Financial investment analysts are high-class talents who are professionally trained and well-qualified with the deep-rooted financial reasoning. In the future, the demand for human resources for financial investment analysis will be huge.

Only with CFA certification can the financial investment analysis business be opened. And it will be eyeed by banks, insurance companies and securities companies.


Rotten tofu has a very rough name but many people love it with its special “rot” name. This is a strange snack that many young people love. It attracts people not only because of the special name but also because of the taste to life, eat once and never forget.

You can choose to open a shop or sidewalk sales, depending on actual conditions. However, no matter what form, this will be a unique business model, small capital, stable and lasting profit.


One is the location of the store, so it is near the bus station and the residential area.

Secondly, investment mainly consists of premises and imported capital. It is best to be an agent or franchise business for a beauty care service or a single cosmetic brand. Avoid having to search for an entry channel yourself, enter equipment and other types of minutiae preparations.

If doing business on their own, when importing goods, each product should only import 1-2 categories. Avoid the initial cost of imported goods is too high.

In terms of product categories, we should choose a variety of everyday products such as skin care, white skin, moisture, cleanser, exfoliation … Also need to add some necessary equipment such as nebulizer i -on, facial massage machine …

Thirdly, doing business in the way customers draw customers. Cosmetics is a business with relatively high profits. Discounts of many major brands for retailers are always not less than 30%.


The development of the internet led to a major revolution in education. Distance education is focused by many schools, creating lots of excitement for students and students. This is the virtual university is on the rise.

Under the help of the internet, you don’t need to go to school, just sitting in front of your home computer can get a college degree. This contributes to the development of electronic library systems and online classrooms.

Distance education and online education are also good news in education. For the majority of adults who say, during the day, at night, they have to take part in training courses that are too much, it is a great challenge of physical strength and will.

But after having internet, it is very simple and easy to receive training. Just open the computer, you can freely choose your class time and study progress. In addition, you can choose the famous teaching experts to train you.

Online universities do not need a school space to occupy a lot of land. Of course, there is no need for such large infrastructure equipment as the traditional education model. This is a hot business idea in 100 small business ideas but making the most money today.


Solar flashlights are an alternative to traditional flashlights. Currently the product is being sold in many countries around the world such as Germany, America, Japan … with the demand and large consumption.

Although there is a higher price than other popular flashlights. But in terms of usage cost, you can save money on batteries. Suitable for use in outdoor activities such as picnic camping … This is a unique business idea of 100 neat small business start-up ideas worth noting.


Of the 100 small business ideas , the famous electronic alphabet business is very popular today. This is an extremely hot sex product today, in order to replace traditional teaching products such as wall hangings without sound …

Parents in the process of teaching young children to learn the alphabet, English … often make children affected by the local language. The level of teachers in schools is also colorful, easy to cause many deviations for children in the process of acquiring knowledge.

Therefore, this electronic alphabet sound product helps many parents solve this problem. In addition, it will increase the excitement for children when learning by lively sounds. Very useful in acquiring children’s knowledge.


What fast online business is rich? Working on software does not require too much capital. Just have the knowledge and the mind about this field is okay.

Researching and inventing a complete management software for power system or foreign enterprise warehouse management software not only helps the company earn hundreds of millions of dong but also close friends earn less profit.

Researching and inventing software, just do a good project or something that can earn a lot of money, happy life.


What is a small business at home ? Although the countryside is now different, the rural beauty market still has a lot of gaps and potential for development.

Both men and women can learn how to make hair and then open a shop at their local location. At the beginning of the business, just investing money to buy hairdressing equipment was enough.

If business is appropriate, monthly profits can reach tens of millions of dong.


In 100 small business ways at home , the textile business is gaining a lot of attention. Before embarking on a business, you need to learn how to do business quickly and effectively and pay attention to the following:

  • Rent premises about 100-200 m 2 of land in the city area or sell goods.
  • Store decoration does not need to be too flashy. But it must stand out that the textile industry can exude a breath of rich folk.
  • Based on the industry characteristics and the different requirements of the customer, many single rooms can be designed. And give them real poetic and beautiful names,
  • Buy back some big wooden frame looms and silk spinning tools. In addition, it is possible to buy some famous fabrics of regions to display for customers to enjoy or shop if needed.


Currently in the whole country there are many different printing factories. The method of cleaning traditional color printers is to use gasoline, oil … Because gasoline and oil contain harmful materials such as heavy metals and lead easily cause aging ink rollers in the printer. In addition, using gasoline also has a low cleaning effect, polluting the field.

Small business at home should do business? This new type of ink cleaning method helps solve these problems. Ideal product to replace gasoline and oil in cleaning and cleaning the printer.


Business emergency phone battery charger is one of the business ideas or in 100 small business start-up ideas . This product has the same volume and appearance as a female lipstick.

Since the charging power is 1 dry AA AA V battery, it can also be passed through the special reinforced power wear design in the device to raise the voltage from 1.5 V to 5.7 V. Help meet the need for charging the battery emergency phone.


Small business at home should do business? The product has a USB connector design, can be connected to a computer, provides direct power to massage massages of neck joints, shoulder joints, hands and knees … Minimize the fatigue of the whole body.

This is one of the business models or in 100 small business ideas that you can do business online without capital . However, before that, you need to be able to grasp the ways of effective online business to be able to deploy smoothly and earn money.


What is a small business at home ? In recent years, the trend of nostalgia has become popular. Embroidery becomes a hot spot in trendy fashion. Rent a site with an area of ​​about 20 m 2 to open a product shop to rent manually.

Product categories must be abundant. Embroidering pictures of plants, flowers, animals, birds and other funny characters will be popular.

Also need to improve the quality of service after purchase. Instruct customers on how to preserve and how to choose embroidery products that are suitable for them. Try to get more services to help customers embroider and patch in case of damage.


What are the fastest ways to get rich ? Chocolate is a favorite dish of many people. It has a rich taste and rich nutrients. So many smart entrepreneurs have come up with the idea of ​​making handmade chocolates.

This is a small business model with little capital to make money. Provide materials and tools for customers to make their own chocolates they want.

The process of making chocolate is not too complicated. Just melt and mix the ingredients and pour them into the molds. Then wait for a few minutes to dry.

There is no requirement for skillful or elaborate. Just pour the liquid chocolate into the mold. Wait for it to dry again. Simple and convenient is one of the biggest characteristics of the factory making handmade chocolates. Adding sweet chocolate is a symbol of love, so it will definitely be loved by many young couples.


According to business experience , specialized slippers stores should choose business locations close to residential areas. Of course, there must be bustling markets with a large number of people coming and going.

Store premises do not need to be too big, from 10-20 m 2 is enough. But store interior decoration must have certain personality and style. Bring new feeling to customers.

Trading in slippers with little investment, easy to collect but must choose good products. First time doing business, it is best to consult a few places to grasp the situation. Based on the needs of customers and then decide on the direction of importation.

People with a market eye, can trade some more special products. Especially the design of the sandals by themselves and thanks to the factory.


The level of life is increasing so the demand for material and spiritual enjoyment is also increasing. Interior decoration, housing design one of the small business start-up ideas in 100 small businesses at home has become a major concern of many people.

Especially in recent years, the interior decoration industry has been raised to a new level. Opening a trading agent for high-quality wall paper, art wallpaper is also a bad business choice.


The pressure of life and work is getting higher and higher, making the demand for outdoor activities to relax the spirit. Sporting goods business becomes the leading trend today, becoming the fashionable demand pursued by many people. And this is one of the best business models in 100 capital-enriching business ideas.

Whether people with money or the common salary class are all interested in utility sports suits. The market of this sweet cake is increasingly attractive and expanding. Profit is also increasing.

If it is possible to link franchise or open a business shop, it is also hot investment content to make money and be rich.


According to many summaries of business experience, sales of products of sexual health are increasing. Along with the open sex culture policy and the increasing demand for enjoyment, sex supplies are no longer a taboo issue in life.

Along with the development of mass media, sexual knowledge is increasingly popular, making the market for sex products also grow and expand at a rapid rate. Demand and space for this type of market is growing. A good opportunity for investors to start businesses.


Eating is the most urgent need in daily life. Wherever it is, eating and drinking is always necessary. Dressing is a high consumer industry and profits are also high.

Therefore, opening a fast food store or a snack shop are not bad choices. Or you can open a chain of stores. Consuming quality is also a hot trend today.

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